During the negotiations last night between the governing Liberals and the Social Democrat (PSD) opposition, one thing became clear: the 2008 State Budget will be adopted only through bribe. Despite the fact that several voices accuse the fact that the budget is unrealistic, due to many expenses still uncovered by income, PM Tariceanu promised no less than 60 million euro financing for infrastructure works in areas where PSD rules. And the uninominal vote that may allow Romanians to penalize such deals is still far away.

"Some communities ruled by PSD will receive supplementary infrastructure funds, adding up to some 2,000 billion ROL (some 60 million euro)", sources involved in the negotiations unveiled for Cotidianul.

Meanwhile, the Constitutional Court decided that president Basescu was right to refuse the promulgation of the uninominal vote law draft, confirming that three articles in the law are anti-Constitutional. The main problem remains the one most discussed by the media: the fact that some candidates may be elected in the Parliament without even participating in the elections, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

But the Parliament can do more than just put up poor law drafts. For example, the Parliament decided that all cats and dogs should receive computer chips as ID, that dog and cat meat can't be sold or bought and that people who walk their dogs without a leash should pay up to 800 euro fines (the minimum wage is 140 euro, the average is 300), Gandul informs.

Dogs. One thing in Bucharest that French president Sarkozy will not fear in February, when he decided to visit Romania for one day, preparing for the NATO summit, as Evenimentul Zilei informs. Some remember that a Japanese official was bit by a stray dog and died because of it a while back, right in front of the Romanian Government building.

Anyway, politicians could adopt all stray dogs and cats, since accommodation is not a problem for them. Luxury villas and apartments they rent from the state cost 0.3 euro per square meter. Most rents are under 200 RON per month, Gandul reads. This means one third or even one quarter of what students pay for a claustrophobic room at the edge of town.

Who could judge them? Not the Romanian Justice, where nothing ever happens. What seemed to be an exemplary punishment on Wednesday becomes another rubbish well hid under the carpet: the prosecutors accused of corruption and bribe, arrested on Tuesday, are released, after the court decided that they should be judged at large, same Gandul informs.

The only good news for Romanians on Thursday is that Lenny Kravitz will sing at the end of July, in the Bucharest rock festival, B'estival, Jurnalul National found out. In 2007, B'estival hosed artists like Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Pink, Faithless, Reamonn and Morcheeba.