As New Years Eve approaches, Romanian President Basescu's holiday at the mountain side is under the spotlight. One newspaper mocks at the breakthrough accomplishment of the Transports Ministry this year: 13.6 km of highway built. Elsewhere in the news, Ukrainians push forward their catch on the Serpents Island.

Gandul reads about politicians who leave aside their political affiliations to enjoy the snow at the famous mountain resorts in Predeal and Sinaia.

President Basescu is known for his winter escapades at the side of the mountain with his wife at various occasions. Winter holidays this year are not an exception.

At the other side of the political spectrum, Liberals are also enjoying their time in the sky resorts but in Sinaia.

Former Social Democrat PM Adrian Nastase is also a fan of the snow, at his famous private residence at Cornu, close to the mountain resorts north of Bucharest.

Elsewhere in the news, the main Transports Ministry achievements for the year are under spotlight, Evenimentul Zilei reports.

The paper reads about the ridiculous length of 13.6 km of highway built in no less than 12 months. As the Liberal Ludovic Orban took over the vacant seat of Transports minister, he came with his own promises. Orban's plans include a 1.800 km highway to cross Romania by 2013.

Last but not least, Ukrainians say they plan to install border officers on the Serpent’s Island – an island long under dispute between Romania and Ukraine. The news was confirmed for the Ukrainian news agency KPUnews, according to Romania libera.

Experts argue that Ukraine's move is a hostile one for Romanians as the two countries still wait a European Court of Justice rule on the matter.

The stake is not the island itself but the resources present there: deposits of millions of tons of crude and natural gases.