Most events on Thursday seem to gravitate around Justice, with a new quarrel on who should be Minister leading to new tensions between the Prime Minister and the President. A new president of the Superior Magistrates Council was elected, also stirring some controversy.

Despite all the torment, NATO secretary general considers that Romania is one of the best members of the Alliance.

A wolf guarding the herd of judges - this is the headline in Evenimentul Zilei, describing the new head of the Superior Magistrates Council (CSM). According to the newspaper, Lidia Barbulescu, the only candidate for the seat, is not only a controversial figure, but was also promoted as CSM vice president by one of the most controversial Justice Ministers until now, Rodica Stanoiu.

Also in Justice, president Traian Basescu asked Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu to ay him a visit, in order to discuss the possibility to choose another candidate for the Justice Minister seat, since the president rejected Tariceanu's first suggestion, Norica Nicolai. PM Tariceanu declined the invitation and reminded that the Prime Minister names the ministers, and this is not a subject to negotiations, same Evenimentul Zilei informs.

While participating in the CSM electoral meeting, president Basescu emphasized the fact that he will not accept Nicolai as minister because any candidate should have a irreproachable moral and professional career, Gandul adds.

It seems that the subject doesn't affect Romania's position within NATO. In an interview for Cotidianul, NATO secretary general Jaap de Hoop Scheffer describes Romania as one of the best members of the Alliance. Without having any firm position on the Kosovo situation, the NATO agenda for the 2008 summit, scheduled to take place in Bucharest, will include five points: a strategy for Afghanistan, a clear vision for the Balkans' future, an agreement on the future stage of enlargement of the Alliance, an emphasis on the importance of NATO partnerships worldwide, as well as a message telling the world that NATO is prepared to face any new threat, from cyber attacks to anti-missile shields.

In business;

- Hard Rock Café opens a first restaurant in Bucharest (Gandul)

- The IT market may reach 1% of the GDP in 2008, after an 11% growth in 2007 (Romania Libera)