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What the newspapers say: February 5, 2008

de A.C.
Marţi, 5 februarie 2008, 8:43 English | Press Review

All newspapers on Tuesday read in detail about French President Nicolas Sarkozy's visit to Romania yesterday. Also in the newspapers today, Transports Minister Ludovic Orban was found not guilty as he was investigated by prosecutors for injuring a little girl in a car accident. In the Social Democratic (PSD) camp, leaders fight over nominations and money for upcoming elections.

Cotidianul reads that Romanian President Traian Basescu accepted to endorse Sarkozy's plan to include Gaz de France in the Nabucco energy project. Sarkozy plans to officially propose his plan during France's turn to EU presidency starting July 2008.

Sarkozy held a laudative speech at Romania's address in the Parliament, the paper writes. But it ads that Romanian Foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu managed to make another diplomatic misstep: during the press conference of the French and Romanian Presidents, Cioroianu stood up and left the room.

The newspaper reads that Sarkozy was compelled to get the support from other EU member states to support Gaz de France since Turkey excluded it from the Nabucco project. Turkish representatives refused to give France a stake in the project, for political reasons.

Gandul reads that the Kosovo issue has split the two Presidents as Sarkozy appreciated that Europe needs to remain united while Basescu argued that Romania will never accept the independence of Kosovo.

On a funny note, the newspaper reads about far right leader C.V Tudor who, in an enthusiastic move, tried to approach the French President to hand him a book. However, he could not get pass the bodyguards and the protective hand of Senate speaker Nicolae Vacaroiu.

Elsewhere in the news, Liberal Transports minister Ludovic Orban was found not guilty after injuring a little girl in a car accident, Gandul reads. The newspaper adds that prosecutors could not accuse Orban since the girl did not need hospitalization nor medical care.

However, one thing is actually clear: Ludovic Orban did injured the little girl, contrary to what the girl's parents and Orban claimed. When prompted by a Romanian television, Orban declared that the prosecutor's decision reflects his declarations, arguing he did not hit anybody.

Last but not least, in the opposition Social Demcratic (PSD) camp, leaders seem to fight over money and nominations, the same Gandul reads. Party member Dan Nica prompted a talk about the necessary money for the upcoming local and parliamentary elections if they follow the uninominal model.

Former PSD leader and Romanian President, Ion Iliescu urged the current party leaders to find the resources needed for every candidate. He argued that candidates shouldn't be in a position to find their own resources.

Social Democratic leader Mircea Geoana declared that former PSD prime minister Nastase would not be nominated for a public position since his bad reputation hinders the overall image of the party.

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