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What the newspapers say: February 11, 2008

de A.C.
Luni, 11 februarie 2008, 9:00 English | Press Review

The Romanian Constitutional Court since to have become the main arbiter in the never-ending political battle between the President and the Liberal prime minister in Bucharest, one newspaper reads on Monday. Also in the news today, PM Tariceanu's Liberals are considering plans to reshuffle the government. Last but not least, Romania's richest businessmen and famous tennismen Ilie Nastase and Ion Tiriac counterattack a newspaper's accusations.

Romania Libera reads about a new important role that the Constitutional Court achieved over the past year, as the battle between the President and the Prime Minister intensified. Namely, Constitutional Court members are the new arbiters to set limits upon the political power and set the rules of the game in the daily confrontations between President Basescu and PM Tariceanu.

Romania's Constitutional Court is independent, as stated in the Constitution and its decisions cannot be repealed by no institution or political function. Law experts argue that too much power can affect any democratic development and is a clear sign of the quality of politicians.

Even though many challenge its rule because of its competency, credibility or its member's obscure past, the Constitutional Court is still the main institution setting political boundaries. Political sciences professor Adrian Miroiu says that the Constitutional Court's role is higher due to the ambiguity of the Constitution itself.

Political analyst Cristian Parvulescu says that the Constitutional Court has become a determinant player on the Romanian political scene deciding which political institution has authority or not.

As for Romania's main political players, PM Tariceanu's Liberals are considering plans to reshuffle the government, Gandul reads. According to Liberal sources quoted by the newspaper, Tariceanu would rather reshuffle the government in an attempt to force changes within the government without the need of Parliament's approval.

Quoted sources declared that the ministers looking to be changed are the Education and the Labor ministers. However, sources say that Tariceanu's black list also contains the name of the Economy and Health ministers.

Tariceanu will take a final decision as soon as the Constitutional Court's decision regarding the right of the President to veto, one time only, a nominated minister is published. Liberal leaders thus send a clear message to the President regarding his designated power to counter every action the PM undergoes.

Last but not least, Evenimentul Zilei reads about Romania's most famous former tennis players, Ilie Nastase and Ion Tiriac, who threatened one journalist after revealing financial speculations about the Davis Cup organized in Sibiu this year.

Evenimentul Zilei journalist Marius Chican talks in an interview about the threats and problems he has faced at Sibiu. Chican reveals that he had a contradictory talk with Tiriac, the latter threatening to fire the journalist as he is friends with the Ringier trust owner.

The whole scandal broke out after Evenimentul Zilei published the declarations of a local businessman in Sibiu who admitted that the Romanian team is hosted at his hotel for free for the entire period.

His declaration contradicts the official documents, put forward by Ilie Nastase and Dumitru Haradau Heads of the Romanian Tennis Federation that took some 75.900 euro to cater for the needs of the Romanian team in Sibiu.

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