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What the newspapers say: February 14, 2008

de Radu Rizea
Joi, 14 februarie 2008, 7:17 English | Press Review

As expected by many, most of the newspapers completely ignore the Valentine's Day, despite all the commercial fuss around the love celebration that fills the malls, theaters and restaurants. Political matters lead in most headlines, followed by regional politics and a bit of economic news. In short: the prime minister will not resign, the president might resign, the Opposition will not bring down the Government and Russia president Putin comes to put order into things. Last, but not least, the largest private bank in Romania - the Romanian Commercial Bank, recently bought by Erste, will see its shared traded on the stock market.

Putin comes to Bucharest to settle Russia's problems with Romania and NATO, Cotidianul explains in its analysis. "It will be a landmark in the history and evolution of regional security (...). The Russian president doesn't travel without a solid reason to an international reunion where he could send one of his men, and he most definitely doesn't come as a courtesy gesture. For Putin, the NATO Summit, placed after the presidential elections in Russia and before his mandate ends, is an unique opportunity to make a triumphant exit and, at the same time, to draw the lines to be followed by his successor, probably Dmitri Medvedev", Cotidianul comments.

In interior politics, Romania president Traian Basescu will be the only national leader in the European Council who will not be informed about the decision-making process in issues regarding European affairs. A Government decision allows future decisions to be sent for discussions in the Parliament, but not to the Presidential Administration, Evenimentul Zilei informs. This is just another step in the never-ending war between prime minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu and president Traian Basescu.

Also in Evenimentul Zilei: Social Democrats (PSD) failed to make the prime minister resign. The early elections demanded by PSD leader Mircea Geoana were somehow accepted by PM Tariceanu, but only under a censorship motion scenario, not as result of a resignation. Tariceanu argued that his resignation would block the uninominal vote law, which has to be adopted before the elections, so that the Social Democrat Opposition and the governing Liberals may boast at their accomplishment.

In all this foggy political environment, Jurnalul National quotes another surprise statement made by Geoana: president Basescu will resign in order to force the early elections and will team up with his old buddy, Liberal - Democrat leader Theodor Stolojan.

In business, it's all good news: 120 Romanian youngsters build software platforms for Nokia and Erste will enter the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) game with 5% of its stock (Evenimentul Zilei).

Not so good news about Romanians abroad: 120 Romanian citizens were arrested in Spain for forging credit cards, Romania Libera informs. At least it is clear who will spend less on this Valentine's Day.

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