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What the newspapers say: February 18, 2008

de A.C.
Luni, 18 februarie 2008, 8:43 English | Press Review

All newspapers today read about the possible effects of the Kosovo declaration of independence upon Romania's politics. Also in the news today, Romanian apartments are more expensive than those in Western countries. Last but not least, chances are that Romania will be represented by a Swedish band at European song contest Eurovision.

Newspapers provide in depth reporting on the Kosovo declaration of independence on Sunday and its effects upon Romania. Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci declared that the province was a democratic one that respected its ethnic diversity, Cotidianul reads.

Romanian newspapers are all  concerned about the dangerous precendent created by Kosovo as Romanian politicians fear that ethnic Hungarians in Transylvania might  some time demand independence. Rightfully so as Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) members Antal Arpad Andreas and Csaba Sogor were sent to Kosovo to first-hand witness events there, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

UDMR leader Marko Bela declared that he saluted Kosovo's move and said he was confident that this was the best envisioned solution to dissolve ethnic problems in any country.

The US and some EU member states are expected to acknowledge Kosovo independence on Monday while Russia refuses to do so. On its part, Serbia threatened with severe diplomatic and economic sanctions. Political analysts in the area declare that an imminent conflict is very possible.

Kosovo officials voted for the Ahtisaari plan for their independence: the plan, set up by UN special commissioner Martti Ahtisaari envisions independence under international supervision.

Thousands of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo gathered in Pristina on Sunday to celebrate their new status. Serbian President Boris Tadici declared that Serbia would not accept the Kosovo independence and it will make use of any peaceful means to counteract it.

Elsewhere in the news, Romania Libera reads about real estate troubles in the region: Eastern Europe houses are more expensive than those in the West. Thus, an apartment in Rome, Berlin or Vienna is 50% cheaper than one in Warsaw, Poland.

Economists argue that the current economic tendency is artificial and that eventually prices will fall. Moreover, US real estate crisis is said to be the first step in this direction, the newspaper reads.

In the same vein, Adevarul reads that Western countries offer their youth a chance to own a house unlike Eastern ones where prices are skyrocketing. Thus, Romania needs plenty of improvements in their policy towards their citizens.

On a lighter tone, Swedish band Biondo might represent Romania in this year edition Eurovision, Adevarul reads, considering the results of the second semi-final for Eurovision Romania on Saturday evening.

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