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What the newspapers say: February 27, 2008

de Alina Comanciu
Miercuri, 27 februarie 2008, 9:14 English | Press Review

Democrat- Liberals pay heavy money to see how their candidates stand for the upcoming primary elections, one newspaper reads on Wednesday. Romanians in Constanta, South East Romania still wait for an economic miracle after the US Army instated their base over there. Last but not least, the government fails to deliver its promises to Romania's elder population.

Gandul reads about Democrat-Liberals (PD-L) high spendings for surveys to prepare the electoral campaign for the primary elections this spring. Sources within the party argue that the survey ordered by PD-L officials costs some 280,000 euro.

According to the same quoted sources, the paper shows that each mayor in the country was forced to pay 6,000 euro for the survey. The electoral survey measured the people's voting intention in each county.

Thus, the party is ready to pay even more detailed surveys so that the party representative for Bucharest Mayor will be sociologically argued. Sources in PD-L declared that President Basescu urges its party officials to win most seats in the country.

Elsewhere in the news, Romanians in Constanta, South East Romania, still wait for an economic miracle - as expected when the first US Army base was opened in the area. However, all hopes were crashed as Americans keep a low profile in the area.

Even if the investment boom is still awaited, prices for terrains and houses nearby the airport have rocketed. The only investments pertain to some hotels in the area that had to comply to US Army standards in terms of comfort and kitchen.

Even if the local population was confident that the military base will hire plenty of Romanian personnel, the opposite turned out to be true. Thus, the only effect the American base had upon the area are the high real estate prices.

More in the news, the government fails to deliver its promises to the pensionaries, Evenimentul Zilei reads today. Thus, pensioners will receive by 2009 a 41% increase in their pensions and not a 45% increase, as initially promised.

Union members accuse the government for forging some calculus methods in order to decrease the promised sum. Thus, they argue that the Economy Ministry on paper respects the promised 45% but experts changed the basis of the calculus and what actually results is a 41% increase.

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