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What the newspapers say: March 6, 2008

de Radu Rizea
Joi, 6 martie 2008, 8:35 English | Press Review

The uninominal vote is adopted, but is still controversial. The prime minister once again changes his mind about the early elections, but sees possible a future cooperation with the Opposition Social Democrat Party (PSD). The local elections day is already set for June 1, giving up the idea of having general and local elections at the same time.

The local barons will draw the Romanian political map, Gandul reads, explaining how things will work with the uninominal vote: people will vote for people, not for lists, in the first round, then votes will be re-distributed for those who helped parties the most. The way colleges will be defined will affect the very existence of some parties and the success or failure of others.

Same Gandul announces that Prime Minister Tariceanu will not pay for the PSD support in adopting the uninominal law by forcing early elections. Some say that the decision came following the advice of foreign counselors, who pointed that the Democrat-Liberals and president Traian Basescu are on a descending curve.

Still, Tariceanu sees possible a future Liberal - Social Democrat government after the elections, despite the huge difference between the two parties, with the only purpose to isolate president Basescu and his supporting Democrat-Liberals, Cotidianul reads.

Jurnalul National explains why the local elections take place on June 1: they are squeezed between the Easter holidays and the European Football Championship.

"The Electoral Revolution is postponed", Romania Libera reads, pointing that the fact that the new voting system will not lead to the radical cleansing of the political class.

In other news:

- The insulin cartel was fined 22 million euro - 4 companies, with the Government as accomplice, abusively dominated the insulin market in Romania for five years. (Cotidianul)

- TUI, the largest German tour operator, will not return on the Romanian market until 2011. TUI was unable to find 3, 4 or 5 star rooms in Romania during the season, while Bulgaria offered 4-stars all inclusive regime for 28 euro per night.

- Regional roads towards tourism destinations will be rehabilitated with a 198 million euro investment. (Gandul)

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