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What the newspapers say: April 30, 2008

de A.C.
Miercuri, 30 aprilie 2008, 8:09 English | Press Review

As the electoral machine is warming up its engine for local elections a month from now, campaigns across the country with a soap opera scent sprang out, one newspaper reads on Wednesday. In Bucharest, independent candidate Sorin Oprescu is finally free to run for Mayor according to a local court's decision. Last but not least, Rome's recently elected Mayor, Gianni Alemanno talks for one Romanian newspaper about his projects. 

Gandul reads about electoral campaigns across the country, where the electorate is lured with sexy, beautiful girls and food and drinks. It seems to be customary in Romania, as each electoral show ends in the same note: people are offered bags with various goods, or they can enjoy some drinks.

Even if only some know the real name of the candidate or his future projects, it doesn't matter that much as long as they give out free stuff. The newspaper reads that this electoral campaign will not avoid to use immoral behavior or any other strategy which might secure votes.

In the same vein, Romania libera informs that independent Sorin Oprescu was given green light to enter the electoral competition in Bucharest, despite serious allegations against him. Oprescu has been accused of having forged many of the signatures he put forward to the Electoral Office, needed to secure his legal registration in the campaign.

Thus, Oprescu was accused that he has used his position in the Universitar Hospital in Bucharest in order to use without the consent of the people their private, personal data on the lists. However, the Appeals Court decided that Oprescu can run for Mayor in Bucharest as allegations could not be proved.

Sorin Oprescu opted earlier this month to withdraw from the opposition PSD party, who chose another candidate for Bucharest mayor, so that he could also run for the seat. But his candidacy was not registered in due time as he faced claims of irregularities in collecting the necessary signatures from Bucharest supporters.

Last but not least, Cotidianul informs, in an exclusive interview with Rome's newly elected Mayor, Gianni Alemanno his intentions concerning illegal immigrants in Italy's capital city. Thus, the newspaper reads that Alemanno's declared plans are to introduce a communitarian social care plan, intended to help poor families in Rome.

Moreover, Alemanno said that he will set up a special office to deal with safety and security issues in charge of securing Rome and its citizens. He added that Italian authorities need to make sure all laws are respected so that illegal immigrants be aware that in Rome, the rule of law works.

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