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What the newspapers say: May 27, 2008

de Radu Rizea
Marţi, 27 mai 2008, 8:42 English | Press Review

Romanians may soon be free from any fines from the Traffic Police, in case an ongoing lawsuit end up successfully. Meanwhile, five-star hotels rush to open resorts in Romania, warning at the same time that the tourism is jeopardized by the high prices for food. And the food is not the only expensive thing in Romania, branded or designer clothing being significantly more expensive than abroad.

A Bucharest lawyer is about to render obsolete all traffic fines in a lawsuit. In case the judges will rule in his favor, Policemen will not be able to fine drivers based only on their observations (i.e.: the driver didn't respect the STOP sign), Gandul informs.

Also in Gandul, an inexcusable blunder was found on the Foreign Ministry website, where Palestine exists as a state, not as an Authority attempting to form a state.

Evenimentul Zilei warns that children and teenagers hide from their parents going online. Parents usually do not understand what exactly are they doing on the Internet, therefore the risk to become victims is increasing everyday. 45% of the children questioned by Romtelecom and UNESCO, in their latest joint study, admit that they sent personal data about themselves through the Internet.

In what appears to be good news, a conference on Monday gathered representatives of all major luxury resorts networks, and all of them claimed that Romania is their next investment destination. Ritz Carlton and Sheraton are just a few of the future brands to be launched on the market while Starwood already has three projects about to develop. Bucharest currently has some 8,000 rooms for accommodation and is expected to reach 10,000 within two years, Cotidianul reads.

Still, Romania Libera puts its finger on another major problem: the food price is well above the level in Greece, or Turkey, preventing the development of massive tourism.

As if expensive food was not enough, Romanians also pay a lot more than other Europeans for branded or designer clothing, not only because of the poor infrastructure (which makes transport costs rise), but also because investors are in search for a quick refund of investments. The outlet stores are not functioning, while the market is divided into luxury items and "Chinese-quality" clothing, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

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