All newspapers today focus on the partial official results of local elections last Sunday released yesterday night and on the most possible outcome in various areas. One newspaper reads about the ongoing electoral competition between Liberal Democrats and Social Democrats to get as many representatives as possible. Another newspaper discusses the influence County Council presidents bear upon local administrations. Last but not least, accusations of political bribery are proved in Stefanesti, Ilfov county.

These elections seem to bear the colors of Democrat Liberals (PD-L) and Social Democrats (PSD) who manage to get most of the votes, Evenimentul Zilei reads. The newspaper reads that the latest official partial results credit PSD with 28.35% and PD-L with 28.55% of the votes across the country.

Thus, Social Democrats managed to get 16 County Council presidencies while Democrat Liberals obtained 13 so far. Moreover, it seems that Social Democrats did not lose their traditional voters, those from the country side.

In the other political camp, things look more optimistic than Democrat Liberals did in the 2004 local elections when they got only 4 County Council presidents. Even Liberals managed to secure 4 local seats even though its importance seems to grow dim.

In the same vein, Gandul reads about local County Council presidents who have a significant amount of influence in local administrations. The newspaper reads that controversial businessmen who gained the seats in 2004 managed to win them again.

Still on the electoral battle, Cotidianul reads about the scandal that hit Stefanesti, Ilfov county where New Generation Party supporters were on the verge of a fight with their Social Democratic rivals.

Allegations of electoral bribes were not long awaited, as the two camps accused each other of taking money to cast a favorable vote for one party or the other. The newspaper however comes with the proof that money was spread around the town for electoral purposes.

Thus, an audio registration incriminates a New Generation Party member who talks about the people he paid and the sums offered: 300 euro per person. He admits that eventually, no one knows if they cast the right vote but they take their chances.

What's more important is that he talks about his Social Democratic rivals and their intention to offer bribes as well, in an attempt to counter the influence of PNG in the area. He admits that the scandal broke out because those people who received money from one party or the other did not have the chance to vote.

The main reason was that there were only 2 constituencies and people rushed to cast a vote they received money for. Because, he said that people in Stefanesti have honor and do what they promise to.