Newspapers on Tuesday focus on the impact the local elections held on Sunday are having upon the political arena. One newspaper reads about President Basescu's encouragements towards Democrat Liberal candidate Vasile Blaga who lost the Bucharest mayor seat in favor of independent Sorin Oprescu. On a lighter tone, French engineer spreads sketches in the subway in the hope he will find the girl he fell in love at first sight.

Cotidianul reads about President Basescu's visit at the Democrat Liberal Party headquarters after exit polls revealed that their mayoral candidate, Vasile Blaga lost in Bucharest local elections on Sunday. The newspaper reads that Basescu was rather optimistic and tolerant. However, it seems that talks behind the closed doors were not that peaceful.

Sources of the newspaper inform that Basescu was very harsh on party leaders. Moreover, Basescu accused former Bucharest mayor Adriean Videanu for the loss because of his bad performance in his four-year term in office.

Moreover, it seems that talks focused on the upcoming parliamentary elections to be held this fall. Basescu confessed that he was worried because voters did not turn out to vote. Thus, Basescu blamed it on the communication campaign of the party, which he classified as awful.

Basescu is said to have added that those who did not obtain a minimum of votes in these elections should resign. Democrat Liberals are not the only party to plan to set up a new strategy: Liberal PM Tariceanu declared that Bucharest Party leader Ludovic Orban should resign since he scored badly in this year's local elections.

Nonetheless, things seem to work fine in the Social Democratic camp, Gandul reads. Bucharest leaders received their victorious mayors or county councils in order to congratulate them and set the upcoming strategy to be followed.

Social Democrats declared, once more, that their party needed to continue their electoral battle against President Traian Basescu and his party in the upcoming parliamentary elections this fall. The stakes are very important and PSD leaders reiterated the fact that, considering the uninominal voting system, all candidates must come from local constituencies.

PSD leader Mircea Goana added that the party would carefully analyze the results of these local elections and the lessons to be learned. However, he did not want to spoil the enthusiasm of the gathering by pointing out misconducts.

Politics aside, Evenimentul Zilei helps a French engineer to search the girl he instantly fell in love with in a subway in Bucharest. Nicolas is looking for the girl who gave him directions in a subway station and posted a sketch with her in the station he met her.

The newspaper reads that the French man is more than determined to find her, as he fell in love. He declared, nonetheless, that he would just like to meet her, even if she is married or in a relationship. For him, what matters now is that she responds to his search.