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What the newspapers say: July 9, 2008

de Radu Rizea
Miercuri, 9 iulie 2008, 8:12 English | Press Review

Romanians are close to becoming the largest spenders in Europe, when it comes to hypermarkets. The good news is that, even unemployed, some of the Romanians may keep earn enough to spend big, mainly if their lose their jobs abroad. The rest is as always: politicians shares the country among them, while Italians take more important steps in protecting the Roma minority than Romanian authorities.

Romanians are the second largest spenders in hypermarkets, with 10,200 euro sales per square meter, more than in Spain or Germany. In fact, Romania is surpassed only by France, where the sales reach 13,200 euro per square meter in one year, data provided by Roland Berger and quoted in Evenimentul Zilei indicate.

The good news (if this can be called good) is that Romanians who lose their jobs abroad may receive their unemployment pay check in Romania for thee months. Considering that the unemployment income is 500 - 600 euro in Spain and 1,200 euro in Germany, this means that they would earn ore than most Romanians just because they had a job in another EU country, same Evenimentul Zilei unveils. More to spend!

Back home, in the Bucharest City Hall, the new mayor - dr. Sorin Oprescu - is about to ask the resignation of some "immortal" public servants, including the responsible for architecture and the one for infrastructure. Oprescu already laid off the Street Administration manager, who was on a medical leave ever since the elections, Gandul reads.

Since we're approaching politics: the news of the day is that Social Democrats and Liberals helped each other in defining the "electoral districts", or "colleges", as the Romanian law calls it, so that the Democrat-Liberals would win as few votes as possible at the future general elections. The electoral districts were defined so far in 10 counties, Cotidianul reads.

While Romanian authorities still care for nothing else than their own good, Italians rally to support Roma minority immigrants. "We are gypsies too" is the latest campaign launched by the Italian civil society, as a protest against the discriminatory regulations of the Berlusconi government. Over 3,000 Italians voluntarily had their fingerprints recorded in just a few hours, after the Government decided to take prints from all Roma people, including children, Cotidianul informs.

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