Because drivers do not need to pass a medical examination to renew their license, deaf and blind people in Romania could now drive legally, at least theoretically, one newspaper reads on Monday. Elsewhere in the news, a 12-year old Romanian Gypsy won the hearts of Europeans after describing her life within the Gypsy community in Italy and Spain. Another Romanian, tennis player Victor Hanescu won his first ATP in Gstaad, Switzerland after a match with Russian Igor Andreev.

Gandul reads that now, due to a permissive law, deaf and blind people could drive legally on the streets of Romania. The newspaper informs that because drivers do not need to pass a medical examination in order to renew their licenses, people with severe medical problems could keep their driver's license.

Bucharest Ophthalmology Hospital director Monica Pop declared that currently at least a quarter of those driving now are semi-blind. Due to existing gaps in the current law, drivers do not need to pass a medical examination anymore. Moreover, the law does not rule any sanction for those not reporting their medical problems.

Monica Pop declared that some 80% of the drivers involved in serious accidents have medical causes and most of them cannot see perfectly. Thus, many accidents happen because drivers fail to estimate the distance between cars.

At their turn, police officers in Bucharest declare that, oftentimes, accidents in the capital city happen because drivers suffer from various problems. Moreover, police officers blame doctors for not reporting the driver's affections in exchange of money.

Elsewhere in the news, Cotidianul reads about the 12-year old Romanian Gypsy girl who won Europeans' hearts after telling her life story. Rebecca Covaciu won an UNICEF prize for the impressive sad story.

Rebecca's life story was revealed in Italy and soon after was covered in Spanish newspapers. The little girl confesses that she has lived with her parents in an old car, was beaten, abused and begged on Europe's streets together with her parents.

Her letter and drawings reveal her sadness but also her dreams: to go to high-school and have a normal life together with her parents. Moreover, she adds that Europe should help more those on the streets. Rebecca has traveled together with her parents in Austria, Hungary, Italy.

Last but not least, Romanian tennis player Victor Hanescu wrote another page in Romania's tennis history after winning his first ATP in Switzerland, Evenimentul Zilei reads. His victory comes after a seven year period in which he did not manage to impose himself on the courts.

Victor Hanescu thus won 175 points in the ATP top and a 65,000 euro check. Before the game, Hanescu was ranked 80 but now, he will be ranked on 60. Hanescu declared for the newspaper that this is a victory he dreamed of ever since he started his tennis career.

Moreover, he added that he plans to win another ATP tournament in order to maintain his rank at 50.