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What the newspapers say: July 15, 2008

de A.C.
Marţi, 15 iulie 2008, 8:54 English | Press Review

Newly elected Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu starts off by demolishing all illegal and snobbish coffee places in leisure area of Herastrau, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Elsewhere in the news, parliamentarians demand 50 salaries extra for each candidate to run in parliamentary elections this fall. Last but not least, Romanian PM Tariceanu is pressed to offer trade union protesters something in order to cool down the spirits. 

Cotidianul reads that Oprescu, the recently elected Bucharest mayor has started off in an aggressive tone: after firing several well known directors within the City Hall, he ended a controversial contract and now he demolished all illegal snobbish coffee places in the leisure area of Herastrau. The issue is delicate as many a bar have been built in green areas across Bucharest abusively for the past years.

According to the papers signed, the company owning the coffee place received a first notification in 2006 which urged them to demolish the illegal construction site. Moreover, the company received a fine from the City Hall but still, the construction site remained.

Oprescu's personal assistant declared that the company failed to respect its contract with the city hall and built up a football field. Moreover, it has destroyed the green area by covering it up with concrete. City Hall officials announced that once they demolish the illegal constructions, they will recondition the green area.

Elsewhere in the news, Social Democratic senators put forward a bill which would offer candidates who wish to run for the Parliament thousands of million euro, Romania libera reads. It seems that  the millions received annually from the state budget is not quite enough now that the uninominal voting system is adopted.

Nine Social Democratic senators submitted a draft law which rules the introduction of a new state subvention, one that is meant for each candidate running for a parliamentary mandate. Thus, a party with 469 uninominal colleges would receive 3.27 million euro.

However, currently all political parties are ruled to receive up to the limit of 2 million euro. The nine senators declared that the money is necessary in order to sustain the campaigns.

Last but not least, Gandul reads about the compromises Romanian PM Tariceanu needs to make in order to settle the pressure from trade unions. However, instead of meeting their demands, namely an average salary of 500 Ron, PM Tariceanu plans to offer trade union members with the former patrimony of UGSR, a Communist legacy.

The UGSR patrimony, set up during the Communist, holds villas, hotels, fields, cultural houses, clubs, sports fields and all these sum up to some 500 million euro. However, the real value of the patrimony is even higher because of recent real estate booms.

For now, trade union confederation SindRomania controls only a small part of the patrimony with a partial property right. The government will set up a special commission to deal with the issue. However, considering the situation, trade union leaders are most likely to quarrel over the formation of the union and how it should be run. 

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