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What the newspapers say: July 16, 2008

de A.C.
Miercuri, 16 iulie 2008, 9:06 English | Press Review

Bucharest City Hall chief architect Adrian Bold decided to resist the Mayor's pressure to resign, one newspaper reads on Wednesday. Elsewhere in the news, an 11-year old child was found guilty of crashing a car. Last but not least, most VIP children choose a clinic in Iasi, North Romania in an attempt to escape their drug addiction. 

Evenimentul Zilei reads that Adrian Bold, Bucharest City Hall chief architect is determined to resist the mayor's pressure to resign. Bold says he is ready to sue the City Hall, like he did before at the European Court of Justice where he hopes justice will be made.

Bold is Bucharest's city hall chief architect for 12 years now and he was threatened to be ousted by each mayor that came around. However, Bold says he refused to quit unless a better professional will replace him. When prompted about Bucharest's urban plans, Bold admits that it is a disaster but he says that the central administration cannot do anything.

However, it seems that Bold has no clear idea about his role in the City Hall nor why he sticks to this function with stubbornness. He declared that he will challenge Sorin Oprescu's moves to remove him from office because the notion of justice must preside.

Elsewhere in the news, an 11-year old child was found guilty for crashing a car on a street crossing in Mangalia, South East Romania, Gandul reads. The conclusion of the police report reads that the boy crossed the street at a proper crossing point but he was running and did not make sure that no car is coming.

The report reads that the accident could have been avoided by the victim if he would have paid more attention. After eight months and three surgeries suffered by the boy, authorities did not advanced their investigation.

Last but not least, Romania Libera reads about VIP children who attempt to escape their drugs addiction in Iasi, North Romania rather than in Bucharest where they live. Over 40% of those hospitalized in Socola, Iasi come from Bucharest.

Hospital manager Calin Scripcaru declares that VIP children prefer Iasi so that paparazzi cannot find them. Scripcaru adds that usually, their patients are drug addicts and it is very hard to recover them without the support of their families.

Doctors declare that children need the support of their families, but they are usually dumped in the hospital because they have a reputation to defend.

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