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What the newspapers say: July 23, 2008

de A.C.
Miercuri, 23 iulie 2008, 8:01 English | Press Review

The international media reads about the EC report on Romanian justice due to be released later today, one newspaper reads on Wednesday. Elsewhere in the news, all newspapers read about Karadzic's arrest after 13 years of hiding. Last but not least, hummer and Communist era cars, Trabant, seem to be the safest cars. 

Cotidianul reads that according to the the European Commission will criticize both Romania and Bulgaria for their failure of efficiency in the fight against corruption. The language will be tough especially when it comes to Bulgaria, but no country will be sanctioned for now, the publication reads.

Romania will be portrayed on a more positive tone than its neighboring country. The main recommendations, when it comes to Romania are that progress and results are needed both in the fight against corruption and judicial reform, that the reform process is volatile and there are few high corruption cases resolved.

Moreover, the Parliament needs to prove that it is engaged in supporting the country's development: the report will refer to the Parliament's actions to block some high corruption cases. The International Herald Tribune notes Romania's Foreign Affairs minister Lazar Comanescu who declared that the rule of law is followed in Romania and justice is on a right track.

Deutsche Welle reads that German officials consider that Brussels authorities do not trust Romania's ability to pursue the reform steps. Moreover, the newspaper reads that those hurt are Romanians whose hopes will be scattered.

Tom Gallagher criticizes the Romanian political elite in a Financial Times analysis, declaring that Romania escapes punishment because of the politicians' ability to offer European influential companies contracts within the country.

Elsewhere in the news, Evenimentul Zilei reads about the historical arrest of Radovan Karadzic, former leader of the Bosnian Serbs in the 1992-1995 Bosnian war. Karadzic was arrested after 13 years for genocide and war crimes during the Bosnian war.

After 13 years, authorities declare that they arrested Karadzic in a bus in Belgrade. According to an insider source, Karadzic was depressed and did not resist arrest. Moreover, he had a false identity, as Dragan Dabici and was practicing alternative medicine in a private hospital.

European officials declared that Karadzic's arrest proves the Serbian government's engagement to contribute to regional peace and stability in the Balkans.

Last but not least, Communist era cars, the Trabant model and the modern Hammer seem to be the safest, Gandul reads. The newspaper informs that last year, in Romania some 5,200 accidents took place with 1,572 people injured and 4,824 seriously wounded.

Only 2 of 16,598 Trabant model cars were involved in car accidents. The newspaper adds that the car's capacity pushes drivers to drive more carefully than others. On the other hand, Hummer models seem to be just as safe: none of the 172 Hummers registered in Romania was involved in an accident.

However, Premium models like Mercedes and BMW Mercedes are more dangerous: with 64,852 registered cars, there were 230 serious accidents with 102 dead and 212 injured. Of course, the main cause of these accidents are excessive speed and lack of attention. 

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