Romania's President shares his thoughts after visiting North Romania, recently devastated by floods, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Elsewhere in the news, Romanians living abroad or foreign tourists in Romania for holidays are blocked on the roads due to infrastructure works. On a lighter tone, Romanians can now rent a local yacht to enjoy a cruise on the Black Sea.

Cotidianul reads that Romania's President Traian Basescu declared, after visiting North Romania, the region devastated by floods that many victims were drunks and dissatisfied. Basescu comes to complement PM Calin Popescu's declarations a week ago when he expressed his disappointment that victims do not help authorities at all.

Basescu was part of a solidarity show organized by UNICEF and Romanian Television Realitatea TV whose main goal is to gather up funds for flood victims. Basescu added that local intervention forces need to be sustained by locals because results will sprang out easily.

The solidarity campaign gathered politicians and other local stars who were interested to revive the victim's hopes that their houses will be re-built.

Elsewhere in the news, hundreds of Romanians living abroad and foreign tourists were blocked on the roads due to infrastructure works, Evenimentul Zilei reads. The main road which connects central Romania to the Western border was blocked and tens of km of cars were stuck.

The newspaper reads that the 40 km of road was passed in 3 to 4 hours and car lines imposed new record values. It seems that a private company was contracted to stabilize train tracks at a road intersection.

However, after their work was done, the train tracks were 10 cm higher than the road. Thus, transports officials were contacted to rehabilitate the area but nobody showed up for days. local prefect urged transport officials to resolve the situation.

Romanian local authorities pinpoint others responsible but no one takes action. Therefore, tourists are stuck on the roads rather than concentrate on visiting our country. Customs police officials declared that there are 40,000 persons transiting daily through the Western border.

On a lighter tone, Romania libera reads that Romanians wishing to cruise the Black Sea can rent the El Comandate yacht, launched on water on Saturday. This is the first local yacht to enter the tourist circuit.

The yacht can compete with a 4 star hotel and can host 15 people. The costs of the cruise however, are high and it varies depending on the lenght of the cruise and the destination. A one day cruise to the Danube Delta costs about 1,400 euro while a cruise to Greece, 9.500 euro.