All newspapers on Monday read about the recently installed armed conflict between Georgia and Russia over South Ossetia, the pro-Russian separatist republic. Domestically, Romania's Foreign Intelligence Agency is accused of monitoring the June 2008 local elections.

Cotidianul reads that Georgia surrenders after three days of armed conflict with Russia but Russian officials are still on the lookout, mobilizing tens of thousands of military, bombers, war ships and ballistic missiles.

Georgian officials officially announced on Sunday afternoon that they will cease all military action against Russian troops. Tbilisi previously announced that all armed forces will be withdrawn from South Ossetia, that is now under Russian control.

Nonetheless, Russian officials even though they confirmed they received the official note, announced that Georgian troops continue to fight in the region. Georgian Interior minister accused Russians of bombing the Tbilisi airport.

At their turn, Russians accuse Georgians of destroying South Ossetia's capital city, Tskhinvali and killing some 2,000 people in the region. Georgian officials announced that they are waiting for a truce.

In the weekend, the conflict expanded in the other Georgian republic, Abkhazia where local authorities announced general military mobilization. Some 10,000 Russian soldiers were deployed in the regions and military Russian battle ships were spread around the Black Sea side of Georgia.

Russian PM Vladimir Putin suggested that South Ossetia will never return under Georgian control. Reactions did not take long to appear. Thus, American officials declared that Russia's dangerous actions can have an unexpected negative impact. The international community urged the two countries to appeal to peaceful negotiations rather than armed conflict.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about the death tool of the conflict: some 2,000 Russians died in the South Ossetia since the conflict arose. Moreover, Russian military planes bombed a military airport located at 12 km of Tbilisi where 90 people died and 150 injured.

Citizens residing in South Ossetia decided to flee to Russia. Thus, in the last couple of days, some 30,000 people entered Russia in an attempt to save their lives. Russian deputy PM Serghey Sobianin declared that Russia is dealing with an humanitarian catastrophe.

International diplomatic missions started to make all necessary arrangements to leave Georgia, where a serious armed conflict seems iminent. Thus, the British government urged all their citizens to leave Georgia. Moreover, Romanian, Italian and Polish authorities took the same action, in an attempt to protect their citizens.

UN Security Council gathered on Sunday for new talks on the Russian-Georgian crisis, Evenimentul Zilei reads. US Ambassador to the UN declared that Moscow needs to act with caution otherwise, it will have to face serious consequences. He declared that the UN is currently debating on a new resolution which urges the two countries to cease fire.

Back in Romania, Foreign Intelligence Agency (SIE) is accused by a former officer of having monitored this year's June local elections, Gandul reads. Former officer Mihai Adrian Sever sued the agency because he was fired after committing a disciplinary mistake.

Thus, Sever was accused by the Agency of being involved in this year's local 2008 elections. Apparently, Sever was seen talking with politicians during elections and was accused of sustaining the political candidates.