Georgia and the corruption in the Romanian Parliament make once again most of the headlines, despite the fact that Southern Romania was hit by a heat wave which, under normal circumstances, would have brought along a pile of articles about global warming, health advices, food recipes and others. It is not the case this time, althuogh temperature in Bucharest was over 40 degrees centigrade on Thursday.

The Evenimentul Zilei special reporter sent to Georgia tells the story of Thursday, the day when the Goergian troops should have taken over the city of Gori. The Russians promissed to withdraw from the city, but it seems they forgot thir promise. Ossetian volunteers attacked the Goergian troops, whil Russian peacekeeping forces downloaded weaponry in the Poti harbor. Russian army commandant still claims that there are no Russian troops in Poti. After attempting a few times to nter the city, now guarded by Russian troops, the Georgian forces turned back and headed for Tbilisi, the newspaper informs.

Meanwhile, in Bucharest, a flash-mob organized by the Pro Democratia Association and the Greens' Association gathered some 100 people in front of the Russian embassy. The pparticipants shook hands with each other and lit candles, same Evenimentul Zilei reports.

Cotidianul conducted a poll among the leaders of the main Opposition party, the Social-Democrats, after the Parliament decided not to allow a criminal inquiry against to top figures of the party, former Prime Ministe Adrian Nastase and former Transport Minister Miron Mitrea. Mitrea announced he will resign from the Parliament so that he may be investigated by prosecutors, while Nastase enjoyed the vote result, claiming once again it was a political file, used only to put pressure on him and other party colleagues. The results of the poll were quite surprising, most Social Deocrat leaders claiming that Nastase should resign as well and place himself at the prosecutors' disposal.

Even more action is seen these days among judges and prosecutors: the National Union of Romanian Judges will challenge in court the decision of the Parliament, arguing that bthe blocking of the investigation does nothing but stirr more discontent among European institutions. "The Parliament, sued for corruption", is the headline in the online edition of Romania Libera.

In other news:

- The new cars sale decreased 2.3% in the first seven months of the year, compared to the similar period last year, while the registration of second-hand cars doubled. The most wanted second-hand cars are Opel, Volkswagen, Ford, BMW and Audi (Gandul)

- The icecream market is growing 30% year over year, reaching over 110 million euro in 2008 (Jurnalul National)