All newspapers on Monday read about Romania's representatives at Beijing Olympics and their golden weekend. Elsewhere in the news, Romania's Health ministry plans to double salaries for doctors, but they're still lower than European salaries. Last but not least, Defense minister Teodor Melescanu considers destroying parts of Snagov lake for rehabilitation works.

Romania's athletes attending the Beijing Olympics managed to secure three more golden medals this weekend alone, Evenimentul Zilei reads. Thus, it looks like the years of hard training managed to pull great results.

A week after Alina Dumitru won the golden medal at Judo, on Saturday, Georgeta Andrunache and Viorica Susanu won the golden medal at canoeing. On Sunday, athlete Constantina Dita Tomescu and gymnast Sandra Izbasa triumphed in China as well.

Constantina Dita Tomescu, aged 38 became the first Romanian to win the Olympic marathon. Moreover, she is the oldest winner of this competition. At gymnastics, Sandra Izbasa won the golden medal after an amazing performance.

Cotidianul reads about the international coverage of the marathon and the subsequent reactions. Agence Fance Presse offered Tomescu an article in which her performance was highly appreciated. AFP named Constantina Dita Tomescu the Iron Lady.

Elsewhere in the news, Romanian doctors are lured by the Health ministry to remain in the country, Cotidianul reads. A draft governmental decision plans to double the salary level of doctors, depending solely on their performance. Thus, the draft shows that a salary could rise from 25 to 100% if they accomplish the performance indicators.

Romanian doctors could therefore have a 1,000 euro salary but even so, it would be way lower than European standards. Romania's Health minister Eugen Nicolaescu declared that 4.5% of Romanian doctors preferred to leave the country and not 20% as initially thought.

Young Romanian doctors planning to have a decent life are tempted by European level salaries. For example, in England, Ireland, Spain or Germany their possible salaries exceed 3,000 euro/month for specialized young doctors.

Nicolaescu declared that authorities will take into account the possibility of opening up doors to extra-communitarian trained doctors to counter the deficit Romania is facing. He pointed out that there are many Arabs who were trained in Romania and thus preferred to remain here.

Last but not least, Romanian Defense minister Teodor Melescanu ruins the Snagov lake for his own immediate interests, Gandul reads. Apparently, Melescanu plans to replace his floating dock pontoon with a new one but for this he needs to clear the area.

However, the pontoon works affect the fauna and people triggered the attention of local authorities who declared that they never heard of such a situation. Neighbors declared that the fauna was destroyed for more than 100 meters.