Queen Lucica sees over all Rroma people in Italy and Europe, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Elsewhere in the news, Health ministry's plan to double doctors' salaries is in vein, as hospitals even lack money to buy sanitary products. Last but not least, Romanian living abroad re-register their children in Romanian schools, due to hardships in Italy and Spain.

Cotidianul reads about self-proclaimed Queen of the Gypsy not only in Italy but also all across Europe. The newspaper reads that Lucica Tudor left for Italy in 1995 and decided to settle in Milan. She married an Italian businessman and after a serious car accident, she promised she'd help the poor.

Thus, she became Queen of the Gypsy, protecting all of them and trying to trigger Romanian authorities' awareness towards the Rroma community. She is very active socially and takes part in all meetings Romanians have in Italy.

Elsewhere in the news, the Health ministry's plan to double doctors' salaries fails just like all other previous plans, Evenimentul Zilei reads. This time, the main reason is that hospital lack the necessary money to buy sanitary products.

Hospital managers appreciate the new initiative but declare that the measure is not effective nor applicable because hospitals barely survive with the current financing from the state. Health Minister Eugen Nicolaescu recently announced that he would push for a measure to double doctors' salaries.

According to the draft governmental decision, doctors will be evaluated quarterly but managers complain that if some doctors will come to double their salaries, others will receive a lot less. Plus, doctors declare that it is not fair to have the same evaluation criteria among doctors in the country and those in Bucharest because in Bucharest cases are more complex.

Last but not least, Gandul reads that Romanians send their children to study back home due to the hardships they encountered lately in Italy and Spain. In North Romania authorities declared that the number of children registered this year is very high and that the phenomenon registered in the last years was reversed.

Authorities complained that many Romanians preferred to register their children in schools abroad, where they were working. However, given the pressure of political campaigns against Romanians in Italy or the economic recession in Spain, Romanians prefer to leave their children home.

In the last years, the newspaper reads, hundreds of villages were de-populated because of the migration waves toward the West. Authorities declared that parents seem to appreciate more the Romanian education system, because it is more demanding than the ones abroad.