As the Beijing Olympic Games end, one newspaper rules on Monday that Romania's performance was among its poorest in the history of the games. Elsewhere in the news, Bucharest real estate prices reach Budapest level. Last but not least, political scandals are common these days, as fall parliamentary elections approach.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about Romania's representatives and their performance at this year's Beijing Olympic Games. The newspaper concludes that Romania had its poorest performance in the last 36 years.

This year, Romania was ranked on 17 with only eight medals: 4 gold, 1 silver and 3 of bronze. Overall, the newspaper concludes that the last time Romania received less gold medals was 36 years ago in 1972 when the Olympic games were held in Munich.

The newspaper reads that Romania's performance at the Olympic games is basically supported by the young gymnasts who manage high performances. The paper quotes Romanian athletes who declare that it's actually the men who have a say at the Olympics because almost all trainers are men.

Now that the games are over, everybody pinpoints to the other in an attempt to lose the blame. Thus, politicians fail to offer athletes the necessary conditions to train but they rejoice when the latter win.

Elsewhere in the news, Bucharest real estate prices reach the same level as the ones in Budapest, Hungary, Cotidianul reads. The newspaper notes that Budapest's estate market reflects the economic crisis that hit Hungary.

Thus, in Budapest, after real estate prices skyrocketed, currently almost a quarter of new apartments are impossible to be sold. Thus, there are no real differences among prices in the two capital cities.

This year, new apartment sales dropped below their last year's numbers and most market players are waiting for the new fall season to decide whether the real estate crisis really marks Romania or whether prices dropped randomly.

The newspaper reads that in Hungary, for new households, Budapest businessmen practice a price ranging between 1,400 -1,500 euro/sq meters and in Bucharest, prices range between 1,300 and 1.700 euro/sq. meters.

However, one must not forget that salaries in Bucharest are way below those in Budapest. Thus, an average salary in Romania can reach 360 euro while in Hungary their value exceeded 515 euro.

Last but least, political battles sprang out as the fall parliamentary elections are imminent, Gandul reads. Today, newspapers spotlight former Liberal deputy Mona Musca who withdrew from politics after being accused that she collaborated with the Communist secret police in her youth.

However, currently, Democrat Liberal politicians declared that Mona Musca will run for a seat in the Parliament on the party's behalf. Nonetheless, all political parties are fighting to win over personalities from all fields in order to increase their popularity and thus chances to secure as many seats in the Parliament as possible.

This time, political games were scattered into pieces as Mona Musca declared on Sunday that she has quit politics and her decision is final. Moreover, she underlined once again that she did not collaborate with the Secret police.