All newspapers on Wednesday read about the dangerous gangs in Craiova, South Romania as one gang leader ends up dead in hospital after the a clash between two groups of thugs. Another newspaper notes the Liberal government's promises for this electoral year.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about Romania's most dangerous cities and classes Craiova first after a gang leader ended up dead in hospital as two competing groups of thugs clashed. Police forces declared for the newspaper that there's no official statistics on gang-related violence.

However, police forces declared that in the last year, all serious conflicts arose in Craiova. The main problem, policeman say is that gang members get only a fine for using deadly weapons. In a democratic country, the rule of law in Craiova works just on paper.

Former boxing champion Mihai Parvu aka Caiac was executed yesterday morning by another controversial, competing gang member Marian Mavriche. This time, the clash ends with one of them dead.

What's more, the reason of the conflict, apparently came from a poker game where Caiac won some 50,000 euro while Mavriche lost. Because Mavriche thought that Caiac cheated, he followed him to set things straight.

Gandul reads that Mavriche will be investigated for killing Caiac with an illegally owned weapon. Because policemen feared that gang members will want to revenge the death of their leader, tens of policemen are maintaining order in the hospital.

Elsewhere in the newspapers, Cotidianul reads about the Liberal projects that have to lure voters in these fall parliamentary elections. Recently, the government set up an inter-ministries commission to discuss the University of the Future project namely a campus located 10 to 15 km away from Bucharest that would host some 100,000 students.

According to experts, the project might be finished in 6 to 10 years time. Another revolutionary project is to build a new airport South of Bucharest, sources within the Transports ministry declare. Experts declared that this project might take up another 10 years.

But projects do not stop here: Transports ministry officials propose the creation of the Bucharest - Danube river canal, a project which was initially proposed in the Communist period. However, the project would need another 450 million euro and many years of hard work.

Social Democrats at their turn release fancy promises: they plan to build 8 regional hospitals with all modern technology, 8 UEFA standard stadiums and Olympic centers in all developing regions of the country and some 1,000 sports fields.

But the electoral campaign did not start yet and thus electoral projects are still in the making.