All newspapers on Thursday read about Steaua's qualification in the Champions League as they win over Galatasaray. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian lands are in danger of desertification due to climate changes and wrong exploitation methods used. Last but not least, old drivers cause just as many accidents as young reckless ones.

Cotidianul reads about Steaua's victory over Galatasaray, a victory which secures its qualification in the Champions League. Steaua is the second Romanian team, after CFR Cluj to qualify for the League. What's more, it's the first time when Galatasaray is eliminated.

Stakes were high so players fought every second in order to get a chance to play again in Champions League, Evenimentul Zilei reads. Steaua's owner Gigi Becali declared that all players played with their heart and did everything they could. Moreover, he congratulated Banel Nicolita, who scored in minute 57.

Elsewhere in the news, Evenimentul Zilei warns that climate changes and wrong crop exploitation will accelerate the phenomenon of desertification. Air temperatures have exceeded 32 degrees Celsius, which represents the biological resistance value of plants, many times.

Most affected lands are in South and West Romania but also parts of the East. Statistical data shows that the highest temperatures were registered in these areas. Plus, frequently, in 6-7 days in a row temperatures did not decrease under 32 centigrade.

A European study on global warming effects classed Romania next to Spain, Italy and Greece with high desertification risks. Major effects in Romania will be felt in 2015 and will be prominent in South, West and East Romania. The warning was reconfirmed by a European Environment Agency which estimates that Romania will face a series of meteorologic phenomena like extreme rain storms or desertification.

Last but not least, old drivers seem to be just as dangerous as reckless young ones, Gandul reads. In 2005 alone, drivers over 60 years old caused some 1700 accidents, with 526 dead and over 805 severely injured. The record is held by a 95 year old Romania who killed a person while driving.

In 2006, statistics data shows that there were 'only' 1689 accidents caused by drivers over 60 with 484 people dead and other 768 severely injured. Last year, some 2040 accidents were caused with 577 dead and 933 injured. However, due to new law regulations, old people do not have to obtain a medical certificate every once in a while.