Newspapers on Friday read about those parliamentarians who own houses abroad bought during their mandate. Elsewhere in the news, some 2,000 people attended the funeral of a recently murdered gang leader in Craiova, South Romania under the supervision of the Intelligence Service, Last but not least, Russia attempts to change Europe's map to prove its influence.

Cotidianul reads about those parliamentarians who managed to buy a house abroad during their mandate. Some with cash and some with credits, dozens of parliamentarians bough apartments or luxurious villas in cities abroad like Paris, Washington or tourist resorts in the Alps.

However, problems arise when they have to justify where the money came from. Even though they had to declare the current value of their properties, parliamentarians preferred to write only the value when they bought them.

Journalists found former Democrat Liberal Senator Radu Berceanu's wife in a holiday in their apartment, in Palma de Mallorca. However, when prompted at the door by journalists, she declared that she rented the apartment.

Berceanu declared that he paid some 62,000 euro back in 1999 when he bought it but now, real estate agents declared that the apartment is worth at least four times more. Berceanu also owns three other apartments in Romania and a holiday house in Snagov, north of Bucharest.

And the story about very rich politicians who out of a sudden, during their public mandates find the money to buy luxurious villas or apartments can go on and on.

Elsewhere in the news, some 2,000 people attended the funeral of the murdered gang leader in Craiova a few days ago, Gandul reads. Journalists declared that when contacted, the Romanian Intelligence Service chief George Maior did not deny that they supervised the funeral.

Dozens of cars from surrounding counties showed up and blocked the traffic in Craiova. Over 150 police accompanied the crowds in order to make sure everything goes all right. Plus, other dozens of undercover agents were present in the crowds.

Their move can be explained by the presence of various well known gang leaders which are under the supervision of the intelligence officers. Mihai Parvu, aka Caiac was murdered by another gang leader Mavriche after he won some 50,000 euro at poker.

Last but not least, Romania libera reads about Russia's attempt to change the European map to prove its influence in the area. Another reason, the newspaper reads is that Russia plans to take control over the main pipelines of gas and oil routes.

The French Foreign minister has warned that the Georgian conflict might stir up another one in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. Ukrainian officials just issued a new regulation, compelling Russian military in Sevastopol to announce them of any moves intended.

However, Russian officials declared that they would not announce them, because it would mean to report to the Washington every move they make. Several NATO battle ships are present in the Black Sea and two US battle ships transport humanitarian aid to Georgia.