A deal between Democrat Liberals and far-right Greater Romania, which exchanges some offices in the Parliament, annoys all newspapers on Wednesday. The move is seen as the end of any Democrat - Liberal ,oral authority and even causes a Senate candidate to withdraw from the elections race. The rest of Romania is as usual: one quarter of all school children suffer from chronic affections, but the state prefers to buy homes for policemen instead of supplementing Public Health funds.

The number of foreign citizens that visit Romania increased 25% during the first 7 months of the year, up to 4.9 million people. Still, their destinations are Bucharest and the big cities, which means most of them are in Romania for businesses and events. During the same period, the number of tourists visiting the seaside decreased 0.2%, compared to 2007, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

The same newspaper also brings a piece of news that may prove good news in the future: Agriculture Minister Dacian Ciolos intends to demand a faster increase of the Agriculture subsidies from the European Union and to postpone the imposing of stock well-living conditions.

The news of the day, buried deep under much less important political news, is that 25% of the Romanian children suffer from chronic conditions, a 500% growth compared to the year before. The main problems are obesity, backbone deformations and eye-related affections. The growth is also affected, the average height decreasing 2-3 centimeters, Gandul and most newspapers note.

But the subject is far from getting the printing space it should require. The main news on Wednesday is the deal between Democrat-Liberals and Greater Romania, in which the most notorious far-right Romanian politician, Corneliu Vadim Tudor, gained the Senate vice president seat. In exchange, Greater Romania offered the Senate and the House of Deputy secretary offices as well as the chairman of the Economy Commission seat. All newspapers blame Democrat Liberals for offering Vadim the position and see in the deal on of the most immoral political moves ever made. Presidential counselor Catalin Avramescu invoked the deal to justify his withdrawing from the electoral race for Senate, Cotidianul reads.

Good news for policemen: the Interior Ministry will offer its employees monthly bonuses equal to 50% of their income, to help those who don't own a home to buy one. The officers may thus earn between 300 and 10,000 RON monthly for 15 years, just as bonuses, Cotidianul informs.

The only good news is that the furniture businesses are going well, with a 11% growth year over year, up to 2.1 billion Euros. 60% of the production is exported. Smaller, but just as vivid, is the candle-business: a small manufacturing shop in the county of Arad sells luxury candles for famous brands, including Gucci. In Italy, their candles sell for as much as 150 euro. The price at the shop is undisclosed, but it sure makes a profit.