Liberals officially gather up their money to prepare for this fall Parliamentary elections, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Elsewhere in the news, political battles are in the spotlight: former Deputy Mona Musca is investigated by anti-graft prosecutors for forgery. Last but not least, dozens of dangerous felons are protected by corrupt judges.

Gandul reads that Liberals officially manage to gather up 1 million euro from their future parliamentary candidates who each paid 2,500 euro/month. However, Social Democrats still expect a major contribution from the central party while Democrat Liberals plan to request a contribution ranging between 3,000 to 20,000 euro.

The reason while Liberals moved so fast is that candidates were threatened to be cut off from the electoral lists. Nonetheless, the sum is by far sufficient because, according to political consultants' estimations, a campaign can cost several million euro, depending on the size and expectations of the party.

Democrat Liberals seem to have failed to mobilize their candidates to prepare for the parliamentary elections. Important members of the party declared that no official decision was taken regarding the financial contribution of each candidate. But that does not stop rumors from spreading around.

Elsewhere in the news, former Liberal deputy Mona Musca is investigated by anti-graft prosecutors for forgery, Cotidianul reads. Mona Musca was accused by CNSAS, the independent body to study the Communist archives, that she collaborated with the dreaded Securitate, the communist-era secret police.

However, Mona Musca denied all allegations and declared that her collaboration was formal and that she did not harm anybody. Nonetheless, Musca decided to leave the political stage. The newspaper reads that according to the law, such a verdict automatically triggers an investigation where prosecutors need to face the CNSAS sentence with Mona Musca's declaration.

Mona Musca's attorney at law declared that the matter is superficial and that he does not wish to make any comments.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that corrupt judges protect more and more dangerous felons who should be locked up for many years. However, legal procedures do no seem to apply when it comes to mobsters across the country.

Prosecutors declare that after years of investigations while they do their best to put together a file against a notorious mobster, a corrupt judge decides to free him on grounds which fail to grasp legality.