President Basescu feels that every journalist is out there to criticize him, one newspaper informs on Wednesday. Also in politics today, an email within a renowned Romanian television advises colleagues across Romania to promote local candidates in their news, for extra financial benefits. Last but not least, the biggest scientific experiment in history starts today in Switzerland.

Romania's President, Traian Basescu sent a clear message to all journalists haunting him that he would prove they are paid to criticize him and destroy his public image, Cotidianul informs. In a special edition on the Romanian public television TVR1, Basescu took the opportunity to settle that he had no idea about the Democrat Liberal's deal with the controversial Greater Romania Party.

In the last weeks, newspapers informed about a coalition between the President's party, PD-L and the extremist Greater Romania Party led by Corneliu Vadim Tudor. Basescu declared once again that he had nothing to do with it and that he did not agree with it.

He underlined that he first found out about the agreement from the newspapers and that he added that he felt humiliated. Moreover, Basescu explained that within this scandal, main television trusts clearly showed that they would do whatever they can to destroy his public image.

Basescu was confident that all these journalists are paid extra to destroy his public image and that he would soon prove this.

Elsewhere in the news, Cotidianul reveals an internal email within one of the biggest Romanian television news, Antena1 in which the Bucharest sales manager Aparaschivei advises her colleagues across Romania to create a database of future candidates in the Parliamentary elections this fall.

The main purpose of the database is to promote those candidates in the news even before the campaign starts before its official schedule in late October. When contacted, Aparaschivei declared that she did not know anything about the email and that she did not send it.

Nonetheless, the body regulating the audiovisual market, CNA will take serious measures if Antena 1 applies those strategies outlined in the internal email sent from the center.

The most important scientific experiment in recent history starts officially on Wednesday morning when the biggest particle accelerator ever built becomes operational, Evenimentul Zilei reads. Its purpose is to recreate what happened immediately after the Big Bang and thus help scientists to better understand universal processes.

But the events involving the huge LHC particle accelerator today are just the start of a long period of colossal scientific efforts due to continue for years to come. Total costs of the project amount to 3.75 billion euro and has an amazing story.