Besides the cover stories that all newspapers print on each September 11, since 2001, there is a complete lack of major news in the newspapers on Thursday. A few crimes, a few arrests, new delays in investigating the high-level corruption and a couple of fake news about the future prime minister are all the stories today. Plus, a new major electoral spending that may jeopardize the budgetary balance.

The most controversial tax ever to be issued in Romania - the tax for the cars' first registration (car tax, in short) - was annulled by the Senate, both as registration tax (the first shape of the law) and as ecologic tax (the second version). In case the entire Parliament approves the Senate's decision, the bill for the Government will be huge, around 500 million euros, Romania Libera reads. At the same time, the newspaper reminds that the tax has undergone so many changes that, in the end, when it was supposed to be an ecological tax, the most polluting cars were the ones paying the smallest tax.

In politics, no news is still news for Romanian newspapers. In an intervention at the public TV station, president Traian Basescu failed to clearly state if he will nominate Democrat-Liberal Theodor Stolojan as prime minister after the general elections this year. Rumors say, according to Evenimentul Zilei, that Basescu will nominate a Democrat-Liberal (PDL) OM only in case the party obtains over 40% of the votes in the elections. If not, he may chose a "friendly" PM, agreed by all parties that will form the Government, the newspaper comments.

The head of the Social - Democrat Party (PSD), Mircea Geoana, who also targets the PM seat, suggested on Wednesday that the presidential attributions should be restrained. First, the president should not name the Prime Minister, nor the ministers, the Parliament should be able to dismiss the President and the President should not be allowed to call a referendum, same Evenimentul Zilei.

In former prime ministers, things aren't all that well. Former PSD PM Adrian Nastase won another battle against the Anti-Graft Prosecution Office (DNA), after the Parliament returned two files against him to the prosecutors, invoking procedure errors. The Parliament thus avoids standing once again in a shameful position in favor of politicians suspect of corruption, while still keeping Nastase away from the prosecutors, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Lesser criminals aren't that lucky, since they operate with amounts under one million euros. A group of Romanian criminals, specialized in card frauds, which allegedly stole over 380,000 euros, was arrested on Wednesday in an operation involving both German and Romanian authorities, same Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Back home, the psychologist of the Rahova maximum security penitentiary was arrested after it was discovered that the 26-year old girl was the main pawn in a drug trafficking network, Cotidianul informs.

Speaking of jails, Romanian convicts will be able to study computers wile in jail, within a program of the Labor Force Occupation Agency (ANOFM). Other training courses include carpentry, constructions, agriculture and wood-works, same Cotidianul reads.