The pink pony scandal Romanian street artists caused in New York may soon be forgotten or at least excused, after the same artists were cheered for the stage design for the latest theatre premiere in the City, "Fela!". Unfortunately, is the only good news of the day. The Romanian currency, RON, continues to fall while the corruption investigations move from anti-graft prosecutors to the front page of newspapers, a sign that authorities failed to complete their tasks.

"Romanian graffiti acclaimed by the American press" is the headline in Cotidianul. Romanian scenographer Maria Draghici and street artists IRLO, Omar and Nuclear Fairy put up the scene painting for the "Fala!"

premiere in New York, a play about the African music legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti, developer of the afro-beat. The art pieces impressed the critics, who compared the artists with Klee and Miro, a fine evolution after the "pink pony with a swastika" scandal last month.

In the economy, news is not so good: the national currency, RON, still falls in front of the European currency, mainly due to the US Dollar appreciation to Euro. The European Commission revised its estimations, with the economic growth expectancy dropping from 1.7 to 1.3% and the annual inflation rate growing from 3.1 to 3.6%, Cotidianul informs.

Evenimentul Zilei reporters managed to obtain copies of two corruption files opened against former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase. According to testimonies in the first file, Nastase illegally imported 12 containers of goods from China, using the diplomatic resorts in order to avoid taxation. In the second file, a witness declares that he witnessed influence trafficking: Nastase agreed to name Ioan Melinescu as head of the Anti-Money Laundering Police Department, in exchange Melinescu stole evidence proving that Nastase's wife, Dana, made a 400,000 dollars cash deposit in a bank, money that couldn’t be justified by the family income.

In politics, things are stalling just as well. Prime Minister wannabe Theodor Stolojan will present on Friday his governance program, "Romania on safe hands", even though the party he represents, Democrat-Liberals, failed to nominate the members of Stolojan's governmental team. According to Gandul, Stolojan will promise an average income of 900 euro, 400 euro pensions, thousands of kilometers of highways, less taxes and more involvement of the people in "crucial decisions".

On the other hand, Evenimentul Zilei quotes a study that turns the news above-mentioned worthless: only one Romanian out of seven frequently discusses politics. 56% of Romanians discuss politics only on occasions and 29% never approach the subject, a study by the German Marshall Fund think tank indicates.