Seaside hotels had profits over 300 million euro this summer, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Elsewhere in the news, Fiat plans to invest in Romania and build up a new factory. Last but not least, school started yesterday on a political background as politicians took the opportunity to gain some electoral capital.

Evenimentul Zilei informs that specialists concluded that hotels at the seaside gained profits of over 300 million euro this summer. Tourism agencies sold tourist packs of over 214 million euro, the newspaper's data show. The sum includes a simple pack with bed and breakfast. Tourism officials declared that estimations are close enough to real figures.

Ministry official Traian Badulescu declared that by taking into account weekend packs, and consumption at hotel restaurants, profits grow easily to 300 million euro. He added that a Romanian tourist spends some 500 Romanian Ron/holiday outside his hotel.

In Mamaia, the most renowned seaside resort, the average budget can easily amount to 800 Romanian Ron while in other resorts, at 400 Romanian Ron. This year, the ministry declared that some 1.4 million tourists would visit the seaside. However, tourist operators declared that there were only 1.3 millions.

Agents declared that sales dropped by 10% in Bucharest alone but in the countryside, sales grew, which compensated the loss at the national level.

Elsewhere in the news, after Renault and Ford, Fiat plans to invest in Romania, Cotidianul informs quoting daily Business Standard. According to sources, the Romanian government will start talks with Fiat representatives. What's more, it seems that a delegation is currently in Romania, Business Standard sources inform.

Nonetheless, no information on the value of the investment of the venue of the factory has been revealed. Fiat's interest for Romania was confirmed by the Italian Ambassador in Romania, Mario Cospito. Fiat representatives refused to make any comment on the issue.

The announcement comes, after Fiat's president Luca Cordero di Montezemolo visited Romania when he launched the new Ferrari showroom. At the time, Romanian PM Tariceanu invited him to invest in our country. Fiat's car division includes Fiat, Maserati, Ferrari, Iveco, Lancia and Alfa Romania. On the local market, the company is represented by Autoitalia, sole importer of Fiat cars.

If they are to invest in Romania, Fiat will be the third big car producer to open up a factory in Romania after Renault and Ford.

Last but not least, Gandul reads that school started yesterday with yearly political classes in the morning. All politicians took advantage of the new school year to gain (or attempt to gain) some electoral capital for this fall parliamentary elections.

Thus, stories arise about a school in North Romania that received a computer for the central administration but has no power plugs due to lack of proper conditions. Meanwhile, hundreds of km away, high school kids in Bucharest rejoice at the fact they can brag about their holidays and expensive phones.