Just a few news on Wednesday, but all important for the everyday life of Romanians. A football victory of a rising star in a game against Rome, an NGO activist takes over the position as Danube Delta governor. huge funding for gypsies across Europe and a stock market falling because of Lehman Brothers - this is the way the day begins.

Liviu Mihaiu, a renowned Romanian journalist - columnist for Academia Catavencu and general manager at Radio Guerrilla - also the manager of the Save the Danube Delta NGO, will be named Danube Delta governor by the Romanian Prime Minister, Calin Popescu Tariceanu. Mihaiu is the author of an endless series of articles unveiling the illegal activities in the Delta and is known for his campaigns against poaching, excessive fishing and pollution. The activist will have access to funds over 140 million euro for investments in infrastructure, monitoring and reconstruction, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

The European summit organized to discuss the problems related to the Roma minority decided that the Union can not solve any of these problems, which are now the responsibility of the member states. The fingerprinting campaign in Italy was reproved by philanthropist George Soros, who was awarded on this occasion a "Roma citizenship" title. The European Union approved a 347 billion euro fund for Roma integration between 2007 and 2013, Cotidianul informs.

Back home, the Government approves another electoral gift: pensions will increase starting in September, after the main Opposition party, Social Democrats, threatened to submit a censure motion in case the pensions growth is delayed, Evenimentul Zilei notes.

In business, some good news comes from the strategy to reduce the dependence on Russian natural gas. Romanian company Romgaz will build, within a partnership with the US Commerce and Development Agency, a liquefied petroleum gas (GPL) terminal in Constanta. The suppliers for the annual imports of 3-4 billion cubic meters of GPL will be in Saudi Arabia, North Africa and the Middle East. At this time, Romania imports some 6 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Russia. The national resources of natural gas are expected to be exhausted in 15 years, same Evenimentul Zilei informs.

Also in business, there is some bad news on the market: the Bucharest Stock Exchange lost 7.4% on Tuesday, the worst session in 41 months, because of the recent events on the US market. Romania's stock exchange was the most affected in Europe.

The good news of the day comes from football: CFR Cluj won against all odds the game against AS Roma, (2:1), with imported player Culio responsible for both our goals.