Romanian newspapers on Monday deal with a new opinion poll that draws a lot of interest as general elections are getting nearer. A call by PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu for the closure of a key airport north of Bucharest raises real estate eyebrows, while the way many Romanians move across Europe is also discussed today.

Evenimentul Zilei reports that a new opinion poll by polling institution Insomar shows that the Democrat Liberal (PD-L) candidate for prime minister in general elections later this fall, Theodor Stolojan, is most agreed with by voters. A PD-L government with Stolojan as prime minister is the option of about 40% of the voters, according to the poll.

Stolojan is followed by Social Democratic leader Mircea Geoana (33%) and Calin Popescu Tariceanu (26%), as the two also said they wanted to be chosen as prime minister should their parties win the elections.

According to the paper, the doctrines of various parties have the smallest importance for Romanian voters, most of whom (59%) do not see themselves as other rightist or leftist and 71% of whom see no relevance in the political doctrine of the future government, as "what is important is that they do their job".

According to Adevarul, while PD-L leads in terms of voting preference wih 39%, the party is followed by Social Democrats with 25% and Liberals with 20%.

Meanwhile, Cotidianul reports that a possible closure of the Baneasa Airport just north of Bucharest would be of much help for a key real estate investor, Puiu Popoviciu, from whom PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu has rented land for his own Citroen showroom in Baneasa.

PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu said last Thursday he was considering closing down the Baneasa airport because it would be a major burden for people leaving around it. But he said nothing of Gabriel Popoviciu, the largest real estate investor around the airport who, according to the paper, has benefited of privileged access to public money in the past.

Tariceanu argued that the airport should close because of its vicinity to residential areas - despite that other major European cities have airports in residential quarters and that the other Bucharest airport, Otopeni.

Elsewhere in the news, Gandul quotes a British paper that says business people in the UK would regret the possible departure of Romanian skilled workers from Britain, as Romanian authorities plan measures to have them return home. That comes two years after the British tabloid media pursued a major campaign against Romanian migrants.

And Romania libera says about a quarter of the active population of Romania is migrating, threatening the economic development of the country. According to the paper, migration abroad is evaluated at about 10% of the population in general and about 25% of the active population, which mainly affects infrastructure works, the textile industry and other such sectors.