Romanian newspapers on Tuesday look into what might happen should the international financial crisis engulf the Romanian banking sector. They also discuss the lack of sanctions at Justice Ministry level following a wave of bonuses and pay boosts former Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu made to his cronies. And one paper reports that rich Gypsy people are accused of buying heirs from poor Romanian women in Southern Romania.

Evenimentul Zilei quotes a top central bank official who says that while nobody expects Romanian banks to face collapse following the international financial crisis, if such a hypothesis would become fact the National Bank of Romania would have the money to save the banks from bankruptcy.

The paper quotes Adrian Vasilescu, counselor for the National Bank governor, who says the central bank has put several scenarios on paper regarding the effects of the crisis on Romania. He said there was little chance that Romanians would not e able to pay their rates and that Romanian banks are strong with good liquidity indexes.

Meanwhile, Cotidianul looks into what Justice minister Catalin Predoiu has done in solving the case of huge pay boosts and bonuses made by his predecessor, Tudor Chiuariu, for people he had employed at the ministry. According to the paper, Predoiu failed to take any action as he says everything Chiuariu did was legal.

Predoiu had promised to look into the case. Cotidianul reported two months ago that during his only nine months in office, Chiuariu signed more than a thousand pay stimuli amounting to over two million RON to people he brought at the ministry. The money is almost three times bigger than that provided by Chiuariu's predecessor, Monica Macovei, in 15 months.

Elsewhere in the papers, Romania libera reports that rich Rroma - or Gypsy - people in the Gypsy-dominated village of Sintesti in South Romania are accused of "buying heirs" from poor women in the village of Daia, Giurgiu county, just south of Bucharest.

The paper writes it has discovered that four boys aged up to one year from Daia were sold by their mothers for prices from 1,000 to 1,500 RON (300-400 euro). One boy was allegedly sold or as little as several blankets.

According to the paper, the mayor of Daia is investigated by organized crime investigators for taking part in such a deal. The scandal appeared locally several months ago, during the campaign for local elections, when one candidate for the seat of Daia mayor accused the current mayor of being an accomplice to such a deal.

Last but not least, Gandul newspaper reports that in the electoral campaign for general elections later this fall Liberal PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu will face in his constituency the candidate of the opposition Democratic Liberal (PD-L). PD-L will show up against Tariceanu in the county of Ilfov with candidate Sorin Minea, the owner of a prefab meat products who is very influential locally.