The economic crisis turns the entire media, along with the sources quoted in the news, in a sea of controversy. On one hand, some claim that the crisis will make life easier for the poor, on the other, the rest of analysts foresee nothing but growing prices, due to the weakening of the national currency.

Controversial businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, owner of a wealth of 2.1 billion dollars, declared in an interview for Evenimentul Zilei that the international crisis will make several things in Romania more affordable for the low and medium income classes. "One room apartments cost 80,000 Euros at this moment and people can not afford it. In August or September 2009, the same apartments will cost some 30, maybe 40 thousand Euros. Producers of various everyday goods will cease adding a lot to their product and will attempt to gain their profits out of the volume they sell, not out of the addition", says Vantu.

On the other hand, analysts at Coldwell Banker say that the prices for apartments will grow 15% before the end of the year, since the demand is still a lot higher than the offer, the prices for raw materials increased, as well as the price for utilities and for good land, Gandul notes.

Finally, in Cotidianul, the international financial crisis will cause a 12% growth of prices in Romania for coffee, tobacco, fuel and car tax, all due to the wakening of the national currency in front of the Euro.

Back to the everyday problems: Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu warns that the tone of the future EC report on Romania depends on the Parliament and the magistrates. after PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu admitted that changing the chief-prosecutors naming procedures was a bad move, Predoiu back-up the Government, boasting at the recent resignations of deputy Miron Mitrea and Labor Minister Paul Pacuraru, both under investigation for corruption acts, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Speaking about the Parliament, Gandul offer a simple and credible explanation for the 50% growth of the teachers' salaries: 64 out of the 463 parliamentarians in Romania are teachers. Elections come and all is well...