Parliamentarians increased their spending limit for 2009 with millions of euro, hoping they will get re-elected in parliamentary elections this fall, one newspaper reads on Wednesday. Elsewhere in the news, financial speculators thrive these days, as the Romanian currency depreciates in regards to the euro. Last but not least, Romanians living in geographically remote places have no medical emergency centers, even if, in theory, they should exist.

Cotidianul reads about Romania's parliamentarians who just increased their 2009 spending budget with 20% more than the limit established by the Ministry of Finance. The newspaper informs that, in a financial crisis, the Liberal Executive has to deal with another problem.

After passing the bill that rules a 50% increase in teachers' wages, now Senators exceeded their spending limit. The total value of the Senate's budget for 2009 will increase from 153 million Romanian Ron even if the Executive specifically requested a limit of 130 million Romanian Ron.

The newspaper informs that 100,000 euro are allocated only for ACs in the meeting rooms and ventilation machines because, the Senate's secretary said, several senators complained of head aches due to the air in the meeting rooms.

Other spending include the acquisition of 20 new cars, of 25,000 euro a piece, 140 cars of the senate's offices, each 11,000 euro and three buses of 50,000 euro. Thus, the total amount allocated for cars exceeds 2,300,000 euro.

Elsewhere in the news, Evenimentul Zilei reads about the exchange rates practiced by exchange houses, which manage to thrive during crises like these. In Bucharest, 1 euro was sold with 3.9 Romanian Ron and bought with only 3 Romanian Ron.

The newspaper underlines that speculators have their own way of deceiving people, on the edge of legality. The method is simple, authorities say: speculators take advantage of the naivety of the buyers who fail to read carefully the exchange rate.

Journalists tell the case of several people who were deceived in downtown Bucharest yesterday, because they failed to read the exchange rate and signed for the transaction. In this case, police says, the transaction is legal and there's nothing one can do.

Thus, they attention all people to be careful when planning to change money in a crisis such as this and check twice before signing the exchange rate.

Last but not least, Romania libera journalists checked in geographically remote places if emergency medical centers really function as the law rules. There's no surprise to read that in some places, the medical centers were did not even exist or that in others, even if they exist, there's nobody there.

A press release of the Health ministry reads that emergency medical centers function 24/hours per day, including Saturdays and Sundays. However, where journalists found such a place, doctors were missing.