Former president Ion Iliescu can't be blamed for the bloody intervention of the miners against anti-Communist demonstrators in 1990, prosecutors decided. Except for the predictable sentence, the things are easy-going as always: politicians begun their electoral campaign earlier than the law allows, the salaries of state employees in key offices remain unbelievably large and, for the Romanians' peace of mind, US ambassador Nicholas Taubman confirms that things are going well in Romania.

Former Romania president is not guilty for the crimes committed by the miners in June 1990, the prosecutors decided in a file in which Iliescu is accused of homicide, manslaughter and attempted homicide and attempted manslaughter. Iliescu is still investigated in another file, referring to the same events, in which he is accused of inhumane treatment, crimes against humanity, undermining the state power and the national economy, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Another recent scandal, about the huge wages of managers in state-owned companies and state agencies, makes the Evenimentul Zilei editors comment that these wages are one of the things keeping us away from the European standards. "In the developed countries, which are always pointed at as an example by Romanian politicians, the first condition for a person to be accepted in such a position is his / her lack of political involvement", the newspaper notes, reminding that all offices in Romania are offered on political grounds.

At the same time, the same Evenimentul Zilei publishes an interview with the US Ambassador to Romania, Nicholas Taubman, who believes that Romanian politicians are the same as everywhere: they are interested more in being re-elected than in anything else. According to Taubman, the Romanian economy is robust, as well as the most dynamic economy in the region. Romania, in his opinion, is also the most stable democracy in the region.

Speaking of politicians: Gandul publishes two articles on the classic early start of the electoral campaign, showing that Labor Minister Mariana Campeanu, House of Deputies Speaker Bogdan Olteanu and another Liberal key figure, Elena Udrea, begun to offer food and gifts in their electoral colleges, more than two weeks before the official start of the electoral campaign.

Back to the neverending financial crisis: the Romanian Central Bank Governor, Mugur Isarescu, once again intervened, declaring that there are no reasons for a panic on the market, since banks are safe and don’t have any problems with the cash. responding to some recent rumors, Isarescu said that it is impossible for the banks to take their funds from Romania and export it, in order to help the main offices.

The guaranteed threshold for bank deposits was recently increased from 20,000 to 50,000 Euros, despite the fact that 99.2% of all deposits are under 20,000 Euros.