The campaign demonizing Romanians in Italy was conducted by politicians and the secret services, according to a recent book published by a social scientist in Italy. If things are mow rather calm for Romanians abroad, it's not the same back home, where the economic crisis seems to have arrived, despite all the tales about how strong the Romanian banking system is.

The Italian secret services and the Democrat Party led by Walter Veltroni reached an agreement after the well known Mailat case (the Romanian who raped and killed woman in Rome), targeting the discrediting of the Romanian minority, a book wrote by social scientist Marzio Barbagli unveils. The Democrats started a campaign that made people believe that Romanians are the main crime source in Spain, but it was only a political move to gain the votes of the populace, the expert says.

IN fact, according to the data quoted in the book, the Italian Interior Ministry was aware at the time that Albanians and Slavs in Italy are "more dangerous", Cotidianul reads, quoting chapters of the book published by

Meanwhile, in Romania, banks render credits more expensive, invoking the international financial turbulences, although authorities ensure both the populace and the banks on the fact that the Romanian banking system is not affected by the global crisis, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

More as a joke, the crisis is best seen in the latest Government memorandum, which forbids ministries to buy the usual Christmas promotional objects - pens, pencils, watches and clocks, champagne and others, as Cotidianul found out.

A joke, we say, since the Parliament approved at the same time the spending of two billion RON (some 600 million Euros) from the reserve funds, to share it to the city halls and local counties where the Liberal and Hungarian Democrat ministers are running in the elections. The largest amounts were sent to the colleges that will host prime minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Interior Minister Cristian David and Finance Minister Varujan Vosganian, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

In the end, just to remind that all is fair in politics, Cotidianul points at least 12 candidates on the Democrat-Liberal lists who come from parties that suspended two years ago the Democrat-Liberal guru, Romania president Traian Basescu. Among the 465 candidates, some are former Social Democrats (the "enemy") and Conservatives (party described by Basescu as an immoral solution for the Government).