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What the newspapers say: November 6, 2008

de A.C.
Joi, 6 noiembrie 2008, 4:10 English | Press Review

All newspapers on Thursday read about Obama's historic victory in the US. In Romania, the economic crisis affects electoral promises. Elsewhere in the news, Bucharest football team Steaua lost in a match against Lyon.

Romania Libera
reads about Obama's historical victory in the US Presidential elections and about his unconventional biography with a white mother and a black father, raised in Hawaii and Indonesia and a professional career from Chicago's ghettos to Harvard University.

The newspaper reads that Obama is the embodiment of the American dream. Obama's plans for the economy is to reduce taxes for 95% of American employees while in terms of foreign policies, he proposes a new diplomacy, based on dialogue even in the case of hostile regimes such as the one in Tehran.

In the same vein, Cotidianul reads about Obama's new Vice President, Joe Biden who apparently had a personal relation with Social Democrat president Mircea Geoana. Geoana declared that he is confident, knowing Biden personally, that the new US administration will be a supporter of Romania.

However, the newspaper reads that before the elections, Geoana declared that even though the party's ideology is closer to Obama, he would opt for McCain, because he had a better approach towards Romania than his competitor.

It seems that Geoana is not the only Romanian politician to claim close ties with Joe Biden. Liberal  Party foreign policy counselor, Petre Roman declared that he met Biden during his visit in Romania back in 1999 and he plans to contact him again.

Evenimentul Zilei reads how the economic crisis affects Romanian politicians' promises for this fall parliamentary elections. It seems that the initial financial benefits promised by politicians fail to come true.

Leaders of the main political parties admit that promises made two months ago have to have real coverage. Thus, the 6-7% economic growth will be moderated at about 5.5% while Democrat Liberals reduce the average salary promised of 905 euro to 836 euro.

In the same time, Social Democrats point to local companies as founders for the new highways, rather than claiming that the state will cover the costs.

Last but not least, Romania's football team Steaua failed to move on in the Champions League, Gandul informs. Steaua lost by 2 points in the match against Lyon on Wednesday. 

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