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What the newspapers say: November 26, 2008

de A.C.
Miercuri, 26 noiembrie 2008, 3:09 English | Press Review

In the last week before elections, newspapers equally divide their attention to political and economic issues. One newspaper reads on Wednesday about the President's 13,000 euro house while another reads about the voting intention of artists. Elsewhere in the news, parents refuse to have their daughters vaccinated against cancer and officials accuse the ministry for their inconsistent and inefficient public awareness campaign. 

Journalists from Cotidianul counter-checked President Basescu's proclaimed 13,000 euro house and came to the conclusion that he was right. The President's bill for building a house for an old lady that lost her house due to the heavy floods is another proof of the fact that high prices on the real estate market are not only the result of high demands but also of the high profits hunted by agents.

Thus, the President explained that he built a standard house, of 62 sq. meters with two bedrooms and a kitchen, one bathroom and bought all needed materials from various places across Bucharest at their real value. This fact was reinforced by journalists who even found materials that could have been purchased even cheaper.

Since the total surface of the house was 62 sq. meters, the construction price per sq meter is about 110 euro. However, the price does not include utilities, the land, or the work force. Even so, the President's bill can point out the real price of building a house, as compared to the price requested by producers and developers.

Thus, construction companies would build a house with at least 180 euro/sq meters and it can start even from 220 euro/sq meters, depending on the materials used. However, a house made from scratch with everything else included, starts from 380-450 sq. meters.

Romania libera
reads that four days before the elections cultural celebrities or artists in Romania declare that they are still undecided about whom to vote for Parliament. Some even advise people not to vote since the political class fails to respond to the real needs of the citizens and the country. Thus, those artists who decided to go and cast a vote seem to be on split sides.

Some, like writer Tudor Octavian will endorse the Social Democrats while writer Horia Garbea will vote for the Liberals for the Senate and the Democrat Liberals for the House of Deputies. Others, like singer Oana Sarbu or actor Florin Zamfirescu are still undecided.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that parents refuse to have their daughters vaccinated against cancer since they did not receive enough information about the advantages and disadvantages of the campaign. Some do not understand which vaccine will be used for their daughters while others claim that the vaccines were not sufficiently tested.

Experts declared that the public awareness campaign was inconsistent and on the rush. The Health ministry organized a video conference on the issue and the public tender to actually buy the vaccines was postponed for months.

Others, like former Health minister Mircea Cinteza, claim that the minister's move is purely electoral. He added that he was happy that Romania is now one of the civilized countries to implement such a policy. He believes that the vaccine is a revolution in medicine and all disputes are normal.

The 110,000 anti cancer vaccines were worth 23 million euro and expire in 2010 so the vaccines will also be used for those girls who enter in the sixth grade next year.

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