As Romanians take a day off today to celebrate the national day, all newspapers reflect on the partial results of the Parliamentary elections where Social Democrats won the elections with almost 36% of the votes, followed by Democrat Liberals with 31% and Liberals with 21%.

Cotidianul reads that even though the Social Democrats won these elections, they did not manage to secure the power since they have no guarantee they will form the government. Liberals were called up last night by leaders of the other to parties to start negotiations for the new government. Even if they obtained the lowest scores, Liberals will decide, in the end who gets what in the government.

However, the big losers of these elections are all small parties that did not manage to pass the threshold: the extremists, the Romanian Greater Party or renowned businessman Gigi Becali's party, the New Generation Party.

According to the CCSB exit poll for the House of Deputies, Social Democrats received 36,5%, Democrat Liberals 30,6% and Liberals 20,4%, Hungarian Democrats 6,7% while for the Senate, Social Democrats secured 36% of the votes while Democrat Liberals 30,9%, Liberals 20,2% and Hungarian Democrats 7,3%.

According to INSOMAR exit poll, PD-L Vasile Blaga obtained a Senator mandate in Bucharest by over 50%. PM Tariceanu received 45.5% of the votes, but his mandate is on hold until the new government will be negotiated.

The newspaper reads that Social Democrats obtained the same score as they did back in 2004 when it also won the elections but it did not win the government. However, Democrat Liberals manage to out run the Liberals.

However, these elections were marked by a very low participation rate - the smallest since 1990s. According to the Bucharest Electoral Office at 21:00h only 39,26% of the population turned up to vote. In 2004, the participation rates were 58.23%.

Due to the results of the exit polls, all political parties are concerned about the negotiations for the government, Gandul reads. Former PSD President Ion Iliescu did not celebrate the victory together with his party members. According to the newspaper, Iliescu declared that President Basescu, who will have to appoint the new Prime Minister will refuse to appoint a Social Democratic one.

The newspaper reads that all Social Democratic leaders start negotiations in order to make sure that they get a chance to enter the government. The only solution, for all parties, is to seek an alliance with other parties in order to ensure their governmental majority. Thus, Social Democrats will seek the support of the Hungarian Democrats, that scored, according to exit polls 8%.

However, political leaders need to move fast, and strategically as the other parties might forge an agreement even before the Social Democrats offer an alternative.

Romania libera quotes Calin Popescu Tariceanu declaring, shortly after the first exit polls were announced that the Liberal party has grown together with Romania, referring that eight years ago, Liberals would only get 7% of the cast votes.

Tariceanu shortly outlined the success registered by his government in the last four years and added that the electorate proved that they trust the Liberals to run, for another mandate, the government.

Democrat Liberal Emil Boc declared that the big winner of these elections is the Right and ruled that his party received the best score, compared to the 2004 elections when they scored 13%. PD-L vice president Theodor Stolojan declared that his party will immediately start negotiations for the government.