All newspapers on Wednesday read about the possible post electoral alliance that will make up a new government and the consequences of the uninominal voting system on the distribution of mandates in the Parliament.

The results of the elections threw all political parties in standby as they are forced to consider possible strategies to make sure that they manage to translate their electoral gains into key official seats within the government.

Gandul highlights the reactions of Democrat Liberals and their post-electoral tactics, as they secured most of the mandates in the Parliament. The newspaper reads that President Basescu declared that he was relaxed, as Democrat Liberals have won the majority in the Parliament by only three mandates, sources within the party declared.

However, President Basescu failed to inform them about the possible nominations as Prime Minister. Some Democrat Liberals declare that party vice president Theodor Stolojan would be the new PM but this option seems to fade away as time passes.

Sources within the party declared that the President would invite all parliamentary parties for negotiations. The three parliamentarians that assure the Democrat Liberals an advantage to the Social Democrats offer the former a more important stand.

Evenimentul Zilei, at its turn, reads about the secret intra-party PD-L lunch organized to celebrate their political position. Theodor Stolojan however, was the great absentee of the meeting. Contacted by the newspaper, he declared that he was more concerned with the effects of the economic crisis at the moment.

The paper reads that PDL party leader Emil Boc declared that he would offer drinks if they manage to get rid of the Liberal incumbent Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu. However, since the Liberals are in a position to swing the negotiations results, Democrat Liberals should not get their hopes up.

In the Social Democratic camp, Cotidianul reads, the internal debate among party leaders seems to sweep ground as tension over the new government composition increases. Local PSD leaders told PSD leader Mircea Geoana that his main goal should be to get the party in the governing alliance not to pursue his dream to become a Prime Minister.

Thus, local influential leaders within the party as Miron Mitrea or Viorel Hrebenciuc press Geoana to go for an alliance with the Liberals. However, the newspapers reads that Geoana also met leaders from the Democrat Liberal camp.