All newspapers on Monday read that a final decision on the political color of the government will be taken in a couple of days. Elsewhere in the news, Gazprom's board president Alexei Miller talks about the company's future strategies and its plans to invest more in Romania. Last but least, Romania's women handball team qualifies in the main group after a match against Denmark.

Cotidianul reads about the political rumors' market regarding the new possible Prime Minister. Democrat Liberals seem to rule the top, as rumors put forward five Democrat Liberal names while Social Democrats with four options and Liberals with only three.

The new names that aired on the hallways were that of PDL member Dumitru Oprea, former university dean in Iasi, North Romania and recently elected Iasi's representative in the House of Deputies. However, Oprea denied this possibility, declaring that there are many jokes around.

Another name is that of Liberal economist Daniel Daianu, currently a member of the European Parliament and former economist chief at the National Central Bank. His name was also mentioned in the last years as a possible solution for the Economy ministry.

Another name from the Liberal side was that of Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, former Foreign Affairs minister and currently chief of Romania's Foreign Intelligence Service. The newspaper reads that Democrat Liberals seem to have most of the possible candidates. However, time will tell whether all the media fuss in the last weeks will be worth it.

Gandul reads that most Social Democrats are ready to sign an alliance with the President, for the sake of power. Former PSD President Ion Iliescu declared that he was disappointed by the determination of some to get their hands on the power by any means.

Elsewhere in the news, Gazprom's board president Alexei Miller talks in an interview for Romania libera about the company's future strategies and its intentions to massively invest in Romania. In the interview, Miller attempts to assure the European Union that the three main gas exporters, Russia, Iran and Qatar will not become a cartel.

When it comes to the company's strategies for Romania, Miller declared that Romania could join the South Stream project but there is no official invitation from Gazprom. Miller added that the company analyzes any cooperation perspectives for underground deposits and infrastructure developments.

Miller stressed that Romania's involvement in the Nabucco project does not pose any threat to its collaboration with Gazprom. He reiterated that Gazprom has a contract with Romania until 2030 and does no see any reason for which the contractual relation would be deterred.

Miller said that Gazprom considers that its opportunity to set up several underground deposits in Romania is an important element in the cooperation between the two countries and will allow a permanent and sure supply of gas during winter time and a more efficient usage of the infrastructure.

Gazprom, he added, continues to work with Romanian experts to evaluate their possibility to build up new deposits in Romania but there are no tangible results for the moment. Miller declared that Gazprom does not set the price univocally, but that its price is determined by the evolution of the oil quotations.

Last but not least, Romania's women handball team qualified for the primary groups in the European Handball Championship, after a tight match against Denmark last night, Cotidianul reads. The team has secured their third success in the group, after beating both the Hungarian and the French teams.