Romania's new Environment minister plans to change the environmental car tax, one newspaper reads on Monday. Still about politics, the wealth of the newly elected deputies amounts to a new record - Social Democrat Deputy Robert Negoita's wealth declaration is 72 pages long. Last but not least, the Iraqi Parliament rejected a draft law that would have allowed foreign British and Romanian troops to deploy in Iraq even after December 31.

Cotidianul reads about the newly named Environment minister Nicolae Nemirschi who plans to change the environment car tax. His plan is that the tax should be paid depending on the environmental damage the car produces, and every time the car is registered.

Nemirschi said that drivers should not be forced to pay the car tax depending on their years in circulation. However, former Environment minister Sulfina Barbu declared that the new car tax would not be fair since the car owners will have to pay the tax each time the car is sold.

On December 15 the government decided to triple the environmental car tax for one year, as a measure to protect the local car industries.

Gandul reads about the wealth of the newly elected deputies that go beyond any established records until now. This time, the wealth declaration was too small: PSD deputy Robert Negoita needed 72 pages for it.

Deputies managed to publish on Saturday their wealth declarations, contrary to Senators. The newspaper reads that PSD Deputy Robert Negoita can be considered the first real estate parliamentarian: he owns 1603 houses - 1599 apartments nearby Bucharest, 741 of underground parking lots, plus 52 plots of land.

Plus, he owns other houses, including two nearby Bucharest and one in Constanta, South East Romania. Some have a taxing level of 1 or even 2 million euro. Another deputy with plentiful of wealth is PDL member Silviu Prigoana.

Prigoana mentioned 4 agricultural plots of land and 17 terrains in Brasov, Cluj and Bucharest. In Bucharest, he owns another house while in Chicago, US he has an apartment. Prigoana owns another 7 houses in Bucharest.

PDL Deputy Cristian Boureanu owns some 30 terrains in Bucharest, and nearby. Plus, he owns apartments in Bucharest, Constanta and New York in Manhattan.

Last but not least, Evenimentul Zilei reads that the Iraqi Parliament rejected on Saturday a draft law that would have allowed Romanian and British troops to deploy even after December 31 there, after the UN mandate expires.

Quoting Reuters, the newspaper reads that the draft law was rejected because Iraqi deputies preferred to regulate the status of the foreign troops through a bilateral agreement. Moreover, deputies quoted that the draft law was a mistake coming from the government.

The rejected law ruled that deployed troops from Britain, Romania, Australia, Estonia, Salvador and NATO personnel to continue their mission until July 2009. The law was rejected by 80 votes against and 8 in favor and will be sent back to the executive.