With the new Government's members sworn in, the holidays begin smoothly, with nothing but minor conflicts among Liberals and the new power, or with the Social Democrat Party (PSD). Nothing to cause any major crisis, except maybe for the threat coming from teachers, who swear to go on "the toughest strike in history", unless the law increasing their wages 50% doesn't come into force.

"The 324 coalition" is formed, Evenimentul Zilei reads, the number representing the parliamentarian votes in favor of the new Government, a form majority against the 115 Liberals and Hungarian Democrats that did not approve the new formula.

The same Evenimentul Zilei also finds fit to comment on a few other aspects of the new governance, headlines reading that "Democrat Liberals are in search for positions for candidates who lost the elections and for campaign sponsors", as well as that the Social Democrats are in the middle of an internal scandal, vice president Mitrea declaring that "I won't let go until I break Geoana's neck", Geoana being the Social Democrat Party (PSD) president. In an audio recording discovered by the newspaper's reporters, Mitrea unveils his plan to get even with Geoana, for not offering him the Senate's vice president seat. Geoana, Senate president, named as Senate vice president Dan Voiculescu, the Conservative leader.

Later in the evening, after obtaining the Parliament's approval, the new Cabinet sworn in in front of president Traian Basescu. "A dream come true", said Basescu about the new cabinet, according to Gandul. The head of state said that the political compromise is in the best interest of the public, the Parliamentarian majority being a good opportunity for reforms.

Hours later, in a TV intervention, Basescu explained that he is aware that he lost 80% of his electors after accepting the PSD - PDL alliance, and even that he isn't sure that he'll run for another mandate, yet he mentioned that the political compromise was the only way to ensure a strong government throughout the crisis. "The love for PSD will never exist", said Basescu, but a Liberal - Hungarian Democrat minority government would not have worked in a time of crisis, and a Liberal - Democrat Liberal government was impossible because Calin Popescu Tariceanu insisted to keep his PM seat. "After throwing PDL once out of the government, he can't be trusted", said Basescu, according to Gandul..

In the backstage, the first nominee for the PM office, Theodor Stolojan, prepares to make his exit from the political life, Cotidianul notes. After quitting his position soon after being nominated, without any explanations, Stolojan lost most his supporters within the party, the newspaper comments.

The political life may have come to a moment of calm, but the populace is on the brink of major social movements. The teachers are the first to threaten to go on general strike, "the largest in history", they say, in case one of PM Tariceanu's latest laws - increasing their wages 50% - is not applied, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Still, one piece of good news makes it to the frontlines of today's newspapers: the tripled car tax may be soon cancelled, said the new Environment Minister, Nicolae Nemirschi.