In between celebrations, newspapers on Monday read how Social Democrats and Democrat Liberals have continued to share the functions in the executive. Elsewhere in the news, President Basescu moderates his electoral financial promises speech. Last but not least Romanians consumed more wine than meat this year.

Cotidianul reads how the two governing allied parties, Social Democrats and Liberal Democrats were still sharing seats among them during Christmas. After negotiations, Social Democrats will receive an important share of the companies with an economic interest and other profitable agencies.

Sources within the Social Democratic party declared that they will control those agencies related to environmental issues, foreign investments, governmental strategies, constructions, public procurementss, nuclear activities agency and the Rroma agency.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that President Basescu moderated his speech regarding the salary and pension increase he promised back in 2004. Thus, in a recent informal government meeting, President Basescu declared that people must support the government in taking some tough measures due to the crisis.

If during the Liberal government run by Calin Popescu Tariceanu, President Basescu urged the executive to increase salares and pensions and immediately apply the law regulating this, now, with the new Democrat Liberal executive, Basescu declared that the reality of the budget pressures to tough measures.

Now, Basescu talks about accomplishing at least part of the engagement made due to the rapid, negative evolution of the economic and financial crisis in the Union. The same crisis was invoked by Liberal Tariceanu but Basescu publicly declared that the crisis is only a facade for Romania and measures could be taken to diminish the effects.

Gandul reads that Romanians consumed more wine than meat this year during Christmas. The newspaper reads that wine sales were higher than those registered in 2007: red wine consumption increased by 50% while the white wine by 30%.

However, pork meat took a step behind in the bags of the population due to the infested pork meat coming from Ireland this month.