All newspapers on Friday read about the crash of the Romanian currency, that registered its worse quotation in history as compared to the euro of 4.18 Ron/euro. In politics, the president attempts to save the new government's image after it passed a normative act ruling that professors, actors and doctors should choose between their pension or salary. Internationally, Romania was the third weapons supplier for Israel after France and Germany.

All newspapers on Friday read about the crash of the Romanian currency as compared to the European one, registering a historic 4.18 Ron/euro. Gandul reads that an important financial group read that the national currency will depreciate with another 5%.

Consequences will not only be felt by bankers but by all Romanians, businessmen and citizens alike. All imported products will increase from fruits to plane tickets or foreign currency credits. The food sector already announced an increase in prices in a few weeks.

Romania's National Central Bank governor Mugur Isarescu, in a press conference on Thursday declared that things could get worse. Economists wonder why the central bank did not maintain the currency's level below 4,00 Ron/euro because a weak currency has a negative impact on the country's economy. However, the shared opinion is that the central bank will maintain the exchange rate at 4,3 Ron/euro.

Also in the news, the recently installed Boc government is already facing controversy, after the approval of a normative act that rules that, if a person already receives a pension, he is not allowed to receive a salary.

However, President Basescu, Evenimentul Zilei reads, jumped to save the government's image by passing on responsibility to the judges. The ordinance, that rose urge among professors, actors or doctors, could be canceled before even being implemented.

The text was contested yesterday by the People's Lawyer at the Constitutional Court, where almost half of the judges have a direct interest to eliminate restrictions on the accumulation of the pension with the salary received from the state.

Basescu declarede that the ordinance is respecting the Constitution but declared that the final decision of the court might approve it, with some exceptions. For now, the only ones that are an exception from the rule are Parliamentarians and representatives elected through direct suffrage.

Even so, Basescu pointed out that the new Boc government had the courage to write an ordinance without exceptions from the rules. The President declared that the ordinance targeted mainly all abuses in the ministry of Defense, in the Interior and Justice ministries.

Nonetheless, the nine Constitutional Court judges have every right to rule the act as unconstitutional: a judge receives a 8,000 Ron/month pension and a similar salary each month. Thus, a judge could earn somewhere at 16,000 Ron/month if the two are accumulated.

At the international level, Romania was the third most important weapon supplier for Israel, after France and Germany, Cotidianul reads. The newspaper reads that in 2007 alone Bucharest exported arms of 17 million euro according to a EU report on arms exports licenses, quoted by EUobserver.

The main exporters for Israel are France, with sales over 126 million euro and Germany that sold to Israel arms worth 28 million. According to NewsIn, Romanian officials confirmed the accuracy of the data in the report, published on December 2008.