All newspapers on Monday read about internal dissensions between the two governing parties, the Social Democrats and Liberal Democrats. Elsewhere in the news, Romania's national central bank is to relax conditions for some loans.

All newspapers read about internal dissensions between the two governing parties, the Social Democrats and Liberal Democrats over the nomination of the General Information and Internal Protection Department chief, Virgil Ardelean.

Romania Libera reads about the first fight within the new governing alliance. The newspaper reads that PSD Interior Minister Oprea proposed Virgil Ardelean to head the above mentioned department without the approval of his party.

However, Social Democrats accused PM Emil Boc of approving the proposals without consulting with his coalition partner. Nonetheless, Democrat Liberals seem relaxed contrary to the Social Democrats who have already split in camps, taking various stands on the issue, the newspaper reads.

Several Social Democratic leaders declared that their colleague, Interior minister Oprea acted responsibly and the nomination was made solely based on the person's professional achievements. However, PSD Bucharest branch leader Marian Vanghelie declared that Oprea did not announce his party intentionally.

Political analyst Cristian Parvulescu declared for the newspaper that Vanghelie did not vote for Oprea for the Interior ministry and that now it was normal to take an aggressive stand against his actions.

PSD leader Mircea Geoana declared that Oprea should have announced the party and obeyed the protocol. As a consequence, disciplinary measures would be taken, Geoana declared.

Gandul reads that neither Oprea nor Virgil Ardelean wished to make any public comments on the recent scandal that broke out.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about the career Ardelean had, highlighting the fact that he managed, for three Presidencies in a row, Romania's Intelligence Service and several other important positions within the Interior ministry before that.

On economics today, Cotidianul reads, quoting Business Standard that Romania's National Central Bank will relax its conditions for some loans with an increase in debt of 60-65%. The decision might come into force on Thursday after the application of some restrictive norms.

The decision, lobbied by the bankers could lead to a more fluid credit procedures and could even unlock the real estate market even if financial institutions do not have the necessary sources to offer long term funding due to the international crisis.